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    Should used kits be sold as complete as possible

    Yes. It's not a perfect world. We do the best we can with what we have and go from there. Old kits and some missing or damaged parts are more likely than not.
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    Keeping tempos from rushing when SUPER EXCITED

    This has happened to me a few times over the years. Listening to the playbacks is humbling. I think it comes down to awareness. We can't change history, but realizing where we tend to go off the rails is a good start. Hearing yourself do so can be instructional. Since I started recording...
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    Head choices for acrylic fibes toms?

    I have die cast rims and clear G2s on my acrylic kit. That sound works great for electric music. Another possibility, if you favor more of a single-ply sound, might be clear Evans G12s.
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    Open hand questions

    Billy and Si Phi are right handed.
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    Open hand questions

    The The LH endurance issue will change over time if you work with it.
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    Was it Morello that said….

    He's playing the heck out of the instrument - and the bass drums sound fabulous.
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    Keller getting out of the drum shell business ?

    DW has been making Gretsch shells since 2015.
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    Paiste flat ride

    I also have a Meinl 24" flat I picked up a PASIC a few years ago - it is a serious instrument. Might be a Byzance; I'll have to check.
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    Paiste flat ride

    I have an 18 and 20 602. If I just had to go with one, it'd be the 20. If you can find a SC 20 flat, buy it!
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    Are Jazz Guys feathering...

    Maybe we should ask ourselves: does the music we're hired to play benefit from feathering? If so, can we feather while playing under an unamplified piano and upright bass? If the answer to either question is no, then don't do it. When it does and you can, then maybe give it a shot. Be sure...
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    Paiste Sound Creation Bell Ride: the hype is real!

    I've had a set of SC's since the early 1980's. Paiste didn't reintroduce the SC series for whatever reason; I too have heard of a high defect rate as being a problem. That said, after buying some 602 reissues a few years ago, I took them and my SC's up to Keith Larsen's shop and compared them...
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    Interesting view of jazz and black culture

    In Baltimore, there's a Monday night session at R House, run by Clarence Ward III. Sean Jones, who runs the jazz program at Peabody, requires his students to hit it at least once/month. This gives them real world experience beyond the classroom Usually, I see them more than monthly. There are...
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    Interesting view of jazz and black culture

    Same here, in Baltimore and DC. It helps to be in an area where it's live, burning and accessible.
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    What was the single most thing that improved your drumming?

    Realizing that playing the instrument at a high level is not necessarily the same as playing the music at a high level, giving it no more and no less than what it and the situation I was in at the time needed. Once I committed to playing the music at a high level, the instrument always sounded...