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    What is it with lads?

    Part of it's biology: Part of it is that many of us - lads and lasses - are, at some point in our lives, jerks.
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    Flat Bearing Edges?

    - Were the shells undersized?
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    Rogers on FB Marketplace

    Island Rogers - not Fullerton.
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    Axis Longboards Slave Pedal Problem

    If it's not something you can fix, reach out to Axis on their website. I've found them to be very helpful - and I've sent them a few pedals for refurb over the past 30 or so years. Great folks doing a great job, IMHO.
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    Axis Longboards Slave Pedal Problem

    - Perhaps your left foot board hits the rest of the pedal on the upstroke. I've not experienced that ; you might try reducing the foot board angle a bit.
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    Narada Michael Walden Joins Journey

    I'm sure he didn't come in the band without any restrictions on tunes he might bring to the fore. It's not like he doesn't have a background in songwriting or production....
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    What to pay for a ASBA stainless steel shellset?

    If you joined the Asba group, you probably saw the SS kits on there. What intrigued me was this video: . That kit seems to have some sort of die cast rims. They seem to roll back some of the highs on the toms so you get a more guttural growl, if you will. I have some Ludwig SS drums...
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    I hope you remain healthy. How are the crowds?
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    What to pay for a ASBA stainless steel shellset?

    Things to consider: - Seek reviews of these items. You can probably google item name + review and find a few. Bob Henrit used to write reviews for various musician magazines; check google. - Get clear pictures of all items, front and back, top and bottom. For cymbals, also get...
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    soft drumming vs hard drumming

    I read that 4 times and still don't understand what you mean.
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    OT: what do you think of where you live?

    I've lived in a few places - NW and SW CT, Ft Worth, Tokyo, Guam, Bangkok, Sicily, STL, DE, San Antonio, Ft Worth, and Rantoul, IL (in the winter!). Presently I'm 30 minutes from Baltimore and DC, maybe 20 from Annapolis. I like this area a lot. Before COVID, the only other places I'd...
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    - The first person I saw use a Chinese cymbal was Bill Cobham, with Mahavishnu in 1972. He is also the first person I've seen use a China. Here is a picture Jeff Kent took of him with one, not inverted, with Dreams, probably in a rehearsal...
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    Duluth Brass Manufacturing Redux.

    Interesting patina. But I'm sure it'll sound amazing. Once you put heads on it....
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    scammers are ramping up. they want your stimulus money.

    - It's someone taking advantage of someone else. You're good with that?
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    Byzance Foundry Reserve - new Meinl series

    In my experience , it's possible to get multiple sounds out of nearly any cymbal, depending upon how, where and when it is made to vibrate, one's touch and imagination. That said, these have that how much is in the bank account sound to them.