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    A young drummer's dream...Next tribute kit underway

    Awesome! Great work.
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    Snare drum porn

    Chrome would be stripped chemically, easily: the reverse process of chroming. Use the snare chrome to plate another piece, it will "strip" the chrome from the snare. It will reveal the copper it needed to be copper plated before it was chrome plated, that's how it's done. Timing...
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    Gorilla Glue...actually not off topic....Fun fact.

    Writing for information? Then do not start with a conjunction. Writing for emotion? Then start with what is spoken.
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    Slingerland/Leedy Tom

    Those Leedy lugs. One of the prettiest ever made.
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    DW Retro Flush Snare stand vs DW Ultralight

    I keep my stands all DW. The ultralight snare stand is NOT a good stand for the ride tom. Just don't. The UL stand is great for a snare, and the adjustment is pretty solid: I have no fear of using it for my favorite snare. The 6000 snare stand is solid, and is great for the ride tom...but heavier.
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    Garage (drum) sale I visited today

    Where is this garage sale? I can't even find it in a search.
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    anybody own 'Steve Gadd' owned and played stuff?

    I wish that there was an interest with Prairie Prince used gear. Most of my drums and cymbals have been used by him. He's near town relatively frequently, Fredonia/Arkwright, he jams with the people that I jam with at three different houses, and uses my gear when I'm not there. And I've never...
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    Low volume tube amp?

    I think that you need an attenuator. That would give you the high volume growl, but at low volume listening pleasure.
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    Stan Lynch - Facebook Live Chat - Saturday, May 30th - 2pm ET

    Sorry that I missed it. To Youtube I g
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    Neil Peart - Go Ahead and Destroy Those Letters (2015)

    I don't think that you should have even brought this issue up. Private correspondence should have remained private, especially since the letters weren't really historically important. He gave a kind response to you. He obviously thought enough of you to continue personal/private correspondence...
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    I've got a bunch in the bottom of my drawer. I don't know if there's twenty of them. I'll try to get motivated: work, three kids, animals, blah blah
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    OT - Anyone Else Watching "Tiger King" -- The Best Documentary in the History of Documentaries?

    I can see why they're annoyed, if they're told "this is a documentary about the evils of breeding exotic animals for profit" and it winds up being the Lookit These Crazy Morons, Hey Did That Biatch Kill Her Husband Or What, But Seriously Get A Load Of These Dumbass Nutbags show.
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    What is your unpopular drum opinion?

    Ok, I'll play. There are some awesomely talented musicians, and drummers with talent that blows my mind. And they are boring! Boring! I love me some drummer laying back and making that music smooth.
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    OT - Rolling Stones Summer Stadium Tour

    Don't care. I'm going. I love the Stones.
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    Neil's kits

    Neil Peart and Peter Criss are the reason I play drums. That link is great, but they say the snare is 5x14 Rogers Dynasonic Snare - Chrome Over Brass w/10 lugs - Serial No. 49123* What gives? All of the interviews that Neil mentions his snare always said that it was a Slingerland.