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    I use the Grombals on all my cymbals. They work perfectly as designed. They will stop the key holing that you've experienced, and your cymbal will love you.
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    16" K Con Crash as hi hat top?

    Love mine. Two K con 16" for hats...but I also loved the one as a crash. So, I recently bought a 16" K con suspended to throw into that mix. I'll get to use the hats and get a crash. The only way to know is to try it. Weights don't matter. You might even find a nice Camber to put underneath. You...
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    What Is This Funky Tom?

    Grohl is cool, and a great drummer. But he's a slammer, and that vintage kit would be turned to splinters by his playing. I want to see the After picture of that session.
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    Ever go back to where you started?

    LOL. I started with some bronze crap that came with my Royce drums. I then upgraded to Cambers, 14 hihats, 16 crash, 18 crash ride. I always look for my originals...I'll buy them back. I thought that they were really cool, at the time.
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    These sound awesome! Love mine. Actually crashes nicely, smokey sizzle.
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    How to install Zildjian rivets

    I blame the lack of industrial arts in the Middle school... we all learned how to peen a rivet, but I'm considered old now.
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    What Rock Drummer's Signature Kit Would You Choose

    I had a Shelly Manne drum kit by Leedy. I was beautiful! Stupidly sold it, but fortunately went to a forum member.
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    Zildjian K Constantinople Players Here?

    I love these K cons: 12" Splash...rare and not a prototype 13" Hihats 2 x 16" Crash, sometimes used as hihats 18" Crash 19" Crash/Ride 20" Flat ride 20" Renaissance 22" Thin Overhammered 17" Bought as crash, but turned out to be 1/2 of an orchestral pair, sounded awful so I holed it out to make...
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    Zildjian ideas...R&D. Let’s hear your ideas.

    I think that there were only three K con 12" splashes ever made...and I jumped at the one that I got, had to pay $180 for it, but I love it- And it's NOT a prototype! The 15" Prototype K con hats that I've seen listed have aren't really K cons. I've been trying to find two 15" crashes to match...
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    Zildjian ideas...R&D. Let’s hear your ideas.

    These! And since I want my whole setup to be K cons, I would like to see a K con 18" China.
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    SOLD Four Zildjian vintage cymbal snaps

    I always loved these things, took me years to find some. I found two nice ones in a parts drawer at a music store, the old sticker said $2 each. Put them on eBay, and two people started bidding crazy: Went up to $160 if I remember correctly. I know, whipdeedoo.
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    Camco drum key

    That's the one!
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    Camco drum key

    That's NOT the rare one. Those are actually quite common. The "Rare" one has the groove near the tool end to fit the ball bearing in the snare-key holder. Whoever listed this doesn't know the difference, and will never get that much for the non-rare version.
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    8 Cable Wires on this Yammy

    Won't be as bright. Less harsh sounding. Cable wires also don't buzz as much.
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    Drilling holes for rivets

    I was looking for this sound: Did it just like Gcort49 said. 1.5" from the edge and 3/16" bit.Put four at 12-3-6-9 o'clock. I picked my K con 19" crash/ride. This guy has four rivets in a 22" Istanbul Agop, but my 20" K con rides didn't sound as bright as his. So I went for it with the 19"...