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    What are 20" Istanbul K Zildjians selling for these days?

    A 20" New Stamp Istanbul K generally goes for $1000 to $1400.
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    22" Zildjian K Istanbul Intermediate Stamp

    Sounds incredible!
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    SOLD - Zildjian 20" K Constantinople Medium Thin Low Ride Cymbal

    Any chance for a soundfile?
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    The Philly Joe Jones Ride

    Thanks to fitzsy for inspiring me to give one of the PJJ rides a try. In the past, I've owned a 20" K Constantinople medium ride when they first came out, and later, a 22" Bounce ride. Neither of them really did it for me. I sold the Bounce ride almost immediately and sold the first...
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    John Riley's K Zildjian Collection

    I just listened to this album. Beautiful playing and gorgeous cymbal sounds!
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    John Riley's K Zildjian Collection

    Thanks for sharing this, marc3k!
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    Ordered a pair of...

    I went on a stick buying spree in December to try and find the right stick for my old K's. Ended up liking the sound of a very light pair from LaBackbeat. Wore 'em out and the owner of LaBackbeat said he could make me some more but I never heard back from him. Then I ran across this thread...
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    How would you have handled this?

    If I had been the cymbal maker, I would have been irritated, too. Starting the dialog with "By the way, I looked up the prices for shipping..." comes across to me as being accusatory. A customer bitching about $60 more in shipping when I could be charging more for my cymbals to begin with...
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    Ooooooh baby

    Tom out of the blue sold his round badge kit recently...around the same time the 1900g K was on Reverb for over $4000. Just a theory.
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    Ooooooh baby

    Did you buy the 22" old stamp K at 1900grams that was for sale?
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    Blindfold Test #1

    That's Tony Jefferson on drums. He lived here in Portland, OR , for a few years. Great cat.
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    Blindfold Test #2

    I never saw the video. Did I miss something?
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    Blindfold Test #1

    The hints about the tenor player who played with Blakey and the Jazz Messengers helped, and Tom started with brushes and for some reason that made me think of Benny Golson and so I was thinking Benny Golson and then Tom got to the bridge and the way he played the bridge and got into the last A...
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    Blindfold Test #1

    Ha! How about you post Blindfold Test #2? ;)