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    yeah baby...from that little ole drum co. down in TX

    Lot of money to sound like an 80's era drum machine. No thanks.
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    Goo Gone remove Remo ink logo?

    Won't work completely. I did it once several years ago. Left what appeared to be a smudge on the head. Smooth head? yes. Coated? No. 5 types of Goo Gone? I was unaware of that. Maybe they make a version for coated heads, lol.
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    Drum Ads Seared Into Your Memory

    I can't find a copy, so maybe someone here has a copy.... The one I remember is "Vic Firth sticks groove at ALL intensity levels" , mostly because of how stupidly absurd that statement was.
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    NOT MINE - this popped up in the Austin CL

    Nice vintage drum bank. A Zep set, plus normal gigging sized ones. Again, not mine.
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    Local pick up only-argh

    Actually, the Black Hills and the Badlands are beautiful. I'm thinking of eastern SD and, of course, the entirety of ND.
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    Local pick up only-argh

    I spent a month in South Dakota one weekend.
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    Old Guy - get off my lawn rant

    I hate the term ‘drum kit’. I’ve always called it a drum set
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    What stick do you wish they would make ?

    Yeah, I just pulled them out from my bin of unused sticks the other day and was really liking the way they felt. I've probably had them for at least 10 years and are pretty chewed up, so I was looking forward to getting some new ones, lol.
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    What stick do you wish they would make ?

    I have two pairs of their Storyville and one pair of their Memphis R&B, all unused, straight, and pitch-matched. The memphis is very slightly bigger than the Storyville. 20 bucks and I'll cover shipping, if you are in lower 48. I just don't use them and trying to thin out all my sticks.
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    What stick do you wish they would make ?

    The Gatzen sticks aren't made anymore? I was just telling myself last night I needed some new ones.
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    Honestly, I Never Expected Big Shot Piano Man Billy Joel to Admit Liberty DeVitto May Be Right

    'Cause Michael jackson's lyrics were soooo much better.. Your butt is mine Gonna tell you right Just show your face In broad daylight I'm telling you On how I feel Gonna hurt your mind Don't shoot to kill Come on Come on Lay it on me All right I'm giving you On count of three To show your stuff...
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    DW Retro Flush Snare stand vs DW Ultralight

    Did you not like the Yamaha crosstown? I'm intrigued by them
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    Thanks! Looks interesting. I will check it out.
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    DW Jazz Series bop kit - Okume Feather exotic

    dboomer, beautiful set! Good luck with the sale. If only I needed another set..... Anyway, about the back problems. I used to have horrible issues dating back to my college years. I ended up in the emergency room one time after a very non-strenuous hike. One doc led to another and I...
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    Pearl Music City Custom solid shell snares who makes the shells ?

    Pretty sure Pearl makes them themselves. I know they have the ability to. I have a solid shell Philharmonic that I've had for 15 years at least and was told by a Pearl rep they did them in house. I also know for sure that Craviotto is NOT doing them.