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    Reunited Pantera Announce Drummer and Guitarist Joining Phil Anselmo and Rex Brown

    I'm glad I got to see Pantera at their peak in 1995. Zakk and Charlie are both amazing, and I'm happy for all the younger fans that will be able to experience the world's greatest live Pantera tribute band. Personally, I'll pass. Reminds me of Axl Rose and a bunch of hired Guns (pun intended)...
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    Metallica named top metal touring band of the last 40 years......

    I get it now. Wasn't he one of the Beverly Hillbillies? Lol
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    Metallica named top metal touring band of the last 40 years......

    I count 20 bands, of which I've seen 7. I saw both Metallica and GnR in one show at my first concert in 1992. I disagree that all these acts are "metal". Some are hard rock, grunge, pop-punk, etc..
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    Yamaha Oak Custom - How Nice are These?

    I loved my Oak Customs. Matt Cameron also plays them.
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    Best compliment you've received about your drumming?

    I was once told my playing was impressively "powerful" and that I beat the drums like they owed me money.
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    Favorite albums

    Weezer Blue Album GnR Appetite Pantera Far Beyond Driven Faith No More The Real Thing Emo Philips Live at the Hasty Pudding Theater
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    Is there a way to block "signatures"?

    I don't see them on my phone, just my laptop. Some members have a long list all gear but some have cool signatures.
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    OT - The last movie that made you cry

    Broken Circle Breakdown is the saddest movie I've ever seen.
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    Drumming Youtube Name Ideas

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    OT: YouTube Ads!

    I get frustrated when a movie I really want is see is "exclusive" to a streaming platform I'm not subscribed to. I already pay for Amazon, Netflix, Disney, HBO, Showtime, Starz, Encore, Kindle Unlimited, and YouTube. There are shows/movies I'd love to see on Hulu, Apple TV, Paramount, Etc...
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    OT: YouTube Ads!

    I pay for no ads. I watch about 2 hrs of YouTube everyday.
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    Way OT..electrical question can you run central AC AND window AC units at the same time

    Yes you can run both at the same time. Yes your electric bill will go up.
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    Remo bass drum info

    Those look like PDP hoops. You could always paint them.
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    Remo bass drum info

    Worth more than that in parts. It looks clean. Probably acousticon shell.
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    Rick Beato's Drum grooves you need to know

    I couldn't stop thinking about the rack tom possibly touching the bass drum.