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    My Tempus gamble

    A lot of those drums were from the power tom era....
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    Traditional grip or German?

    Yes..I am joking..
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    Traditional grip or German?

    Not a spoon! Porco Dio!
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    Traditional grip or German?

    Maybe the Germans call the Traditional Grip the American Grip
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    Traditional grip or German?

    Do the Germans call it the German Grip or the Traditional Grip?
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    Melted Moongel

    I orderd a 4 pack off of Amazon one time and when I opened the little black container it was just a blob of blue jelly inside. Threw them straight in the garbage. couldn't even salvage the container for weed
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    GMS Drums - still around ?

    I remember hearing great things about them and wanted a kit at one many drums, so little money..
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    Worst drumsticks ever?

    How about these Disney Rockin' Rollercoaster Sticks? Somebody brought me a set of these home at one point..They are covered in a plastic wrap of some kind..what am I supposed to do with them?
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    My Tempus gamble

    I still have a wrapped 5x14 CF snare drum...
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    My Tempus gamble

    You will like them...I loved mine. It was a big kit so I eventually downsized and sold them to fund a vintage kit...had them for 10 years of gigging and they still looked as new as the day I got them..nobody ever complained about the was the QC and the service that got him in the...
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    Bass drum foot technique

    I try and do a page or two of my Colin Bailey foot control book every second practice or so... and any sticking exercises or rudiments I'm always playing along with my feet some how...sometimes I do sticking exercises and also try and fit in a line or two of Syncopation exercises with my...
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    OT: poison oak...

    We make a paste with baking soda and water..basically the same effect..I had it so bad as a kit I had to get needles in my hip bone..missed a ton of school..My hands became webbed with huge blisters between the fingers..I was a hideous monster..
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    DFO shirts and hats?

    How much is it to ship to Canada?????? :P
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    What’cha all been doing to occupy yourselves?

    Had our busiest year at the deli...finished off our lease and closed up shop..spend a week moving all contents to a storage facility, and my garage...been walking every day for an hour, low carb diet, lost 15 lbs, brought down my blood pressure, planning the new shop, starting to ramp up...
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    You know we all are really this drummer.......................

    He's a lot more fun to watch than me..I'm pretty boring...I look like I am just sitting on the know..the throne...:pottytrain4: