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    Show Off Your Entire Snare Collection

    I have a George Way Gold Studio 7x14 on the snare stand
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    Black Friday Scam

    No difference.
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    What Are You Listening To?

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    Black Friday Scam

    Here in Canada it's really no different than any other sale..they have a couple of door crashers that they run out of and everything else pretty much stays the same...
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    I don’t understand why Buddy Rich is so special. Explain it please?

    We do them all an injustice when we compare..this isn't what it's about..
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    The Official DFO Random Drum Photo Thread!

    I gave my youngest daughter a drumset about 10 years ago. She never had much interest so they were basically stored away. She’s taken them out and started to clean them up and found this. I got a text asking “Dad. What is this?” . I didn't even remember I owned these at one time
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    Interesting Ludwig Development - 5" Acrolite no longer 8 lugs...

    Thanks to this thread, I just pulled mine out and knocked the dust off of it...sounds pretty durnned good
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    What Are You Listening To?

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    My sentiments are basically….Whatever…
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    OT fall foliage in New England

    This area is a popular destination for fall colour bus tours..here’s another from just up the road from a ski lift in Calabogie.
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    OT fall foliage in New England

    Eastern Ontario. The village of Burnstown. About 8 miles from my place.
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    Are High-End Drums a Giant Waste of Money?

    How about a Pacer?
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    Are High-End Drums a Giant Waste of Money?

    I haven't read the whole thread so has anybody used the automobile analogy yet? You can own an Elantra and you can own a Mercedes...both will get you there, but.....
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    Got lucky ..

    I agree.