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    1963 Gretsch Snare on it's way to Precision Drum Co.

    I just sent a couple of Ludwig 3-ply shells to Gary at Precision, received back a week ago. The factory edges on the pre-serial shell were complete garbage. Large waves, small waves, rocked on the granite counter. He did a fantastic job on both drums, they tune up like a charm now.
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    Tru oil?

    I used Tru-Oil Gun Stock Finish on this Witt Percussion single-ply. I did about 4 light wipe-on coats, knocked down with steel wool in between coats. I'm happy with results; nice satin finish, super easy process. I was hoping for more color - it really doesn't add much at all. Sounds like you...
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    New to Slingerlands - is this normal? Thanks for the help!

    Another feature that occasionally pops up is a birds-eye maple inner ply. This was true for a couple of my Slingerland drums.
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    New to Slingerlands - is this normal? Thanks for the help!

    I've owned a few Slingerland drums, and that looks normal to me, as well. I wouldn't call it re-ring separation, just splitting of the inner ply. It's not uncommon, and not concerning, IMO. If you see a gap between the re-ring and the shell, viewed from the top or bottom side, that's separation.
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    Got my new Vaughncraft kit set up...its amazing.

    Was that the sub $1000 kit that was posted for sale recently? It was so cheap, I figured it was a scam, lol. Good on you if that was the deal.
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    18" Bass Drum - Wide Open

    It's all about preferences, isn't it? I also have a 15x18 stage custom (~month or two old) set up with an Emperor coated batter, wide open, and an Ambassador reso, also wide open. I have a small port (3" max) in the reso. For me, the port helps with response, and tones down the resonance a bit...
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    CVL Legno shells… anyone have experience?

    They post to the Ghostnote group on Facebook, but I don't remember seeing any feedback from any actual users. They look well made and have lots of options.
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    OT What books you reading??

    That he is :) I read Notes From A Small Island years ago and have been meaning to read the follow-up, The Road To Little Dribbling. That he is. Those both sound like good reads; I'll have to queue them up on the Kindle. I've been meaning to read The Road to Little Dribbling, as it's a...
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    Remo Classic Fit Heads- Yay or nay

    No. It's just a like a standard Remo with a thinner flesh hoop. It sounds and tunes up the same as any standard Remo, but fits better on oversized/out of round drums.
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    OT What books you reading??

    Current Non-Fiction, The Mother Tongue: English And How It Got That Way, by Bill Bryson. Current Fiction: Just finished the latest in the Cradle series, Bloodline, by Will Wight. I love all of his series. Waiting for the new David Sedaris release, A Carnival Of Snackery.
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    I donated a kit today to local schools.

    Good for you! A couple of months ago I did the same, and donated my 6-piece Tempus kit, a full set of Vintage As, spare heads, sticks, and all required hardware to Girls Rock VT. Now I'm banging around on a kit of orphans, and having just as much fun.
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    Ludwig Jazz Fest '64 snare bed?

    Fair enough. I've had experience cutting my own beds and have owned (and still own) a few vintage snares When you find something that works, stick with it, right? We all have different experiences and preferences. I currently have two old Ludwigs, a two-piece brass shell pre-20s, and a single...
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    Ludwig Jazz Fest '64 snare bed?

    As long as it's deep enough, a narrow bed yields plenty of sensitivity.
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    Gretsch and Remo?

    When I asked, "What am I missing here?" I meant it sincerely. If you want help, give us more detail. Did you check the shell, flesh hoop, and hoop to see if all is in round? What have you done for troubleshooting, so we don't have to rehash solutions.
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    Gretsch and Remo?

    Too much of a gap on one side, and not enough on the other means you're not seating it correctly. Split the difference. What am I missing here?