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    Tru trac NDA-1 no drill adapter?

    Anyone know if the chrome enclosure is just converting the 1/4” to 1/8” or is there something else going on inside the enclosure?
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    Quality of Recent Mapex Drums

    I have the Pro M series in natural: fusion, rock, and jazz configurations. All purchased used locally. Just sold the 24,13,16,18. Too big for me. Although not my primary kits, awesome drums. I paid total about $1000 for all of them. every kit I bought , all hardware removed, cleaned the...
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    Quality of Recent Mapex Drums

    I gave the mapex pro m series. Natural. For the $$$ cant beat them. I have a fusion kit and jazz kit. Of course others like yamaha, etc.
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    Who has Black Fridayed?

    aaah bmxer eigh. road and cyclocross for me. too many bikes i built and luv building wheels
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    Who has Black Fridayed?

    oh yeah, grabbed a roland tm1 for $99 killer deal.
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    Who has Black Fridayed?

    drums and bikes fie me also. being a true cyclist, what bike frame?
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    Carl Palmer and the 50 Worst Acts in Music History

    i’ve i have attended many ELP concerts back in the day here in boston. 50% of them sounded great and others no so and disappointed. his latest trio band is ok. but without keyboards and trying to pull off ELP is not great. only thing about it is bring closeup to catl playing in these...
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    Traditional grip or German?

    traditional maybe with brushes but other than that ☝️
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    Info about Mapex drums and hardware

    i still have a Mapex ProM kit along with yamaha kits and gretsch. i grabbed the mapex fusion kit natural for like $325 local. superb kit. then i was looking for a jazz kit and again local grabbed 4 piece with snare natural for $325 with hardware and cymbals. then local again a bonham setup 24...
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    Going to DaVille for the Snare Drum Build

    yeah i dont see benefit spending that kind of $$$ for hoops... DFO is all you really need to access parts. still undecided on 5-5” or 6” and going with 3/8” straight wall
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    Going to DaVille for the Snare Drum Build

    wow Angel pretty steep $$$ for hoops