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    Locking hihat nuts: I think I have figured it out!

    This is a great topic! I have a bunch of Ludwig and Tama Titan ones, plus a new Gibraltar locking/quick release one, and the infamous Sonor Signature one. I have had the Tama main hollow tube loosen on a gig once, absolutely crazy! Blue Loctite and done! I agree about locking the bottom all...
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    Psychedelic Red sighting

    Triple tom holder alert! On the person’s cl ad, it looks like there are swirls in the finish, at the bottom of the mystery floor.
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    Auto body painting

    For corvettes, the flex sealer and primer are important. But with the new urethane paints, there should be zero issue. My friends body shop has painted several drums for me, including painting over faded wraps.
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    Who uses a rug where ever you have your drums?

    Yes. Ones under them at home, and two "gig rugs" (brand), which go out for any and all performances.
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    Mallets for marimba?

    Mallet percussion is one of my specialties, and for me, Malletech are awesome! I have other brands for other instruments, but for marimba, that is my first choice. Something to keep in mind is that different hardness’ speak differently in the upper and lower registers. I would recommend medium...
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    ludwig super sensitive

    Beautiful drum, and rare version of the first gen super sensitive. The infamous plastic cam slide did not come into use until mid 60’s. Your strainer is the 1936-1941 to the restart in 61-62. The Ludwig logo is the new stamped one from 1936, and the beefy cast finger/thumb top control was also...
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    Lost my best friend

    I am sorry to hear this. Thoughts and prayers.
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    OT-I bought a new bicycle - accessory recommendations?

    Hey! Serfas, comfortable and long lasting! Having the split/gap in the middle makes a huge difference on your butt and back.
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    OT-I bought a new bicycle - accessory recommendations?

    Seat-seat-seat (or saddle)! Whether it is my road/triathlon bike, or the mountain/hybrid, this is the first thing we do. Regardless of brand, gel inserts, center cut-out, and moisture wicking material. Handlebar tape and grips too. And..... don't forget the pepper gel!
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    Today is Ludwig Super Sensitive day!

    Mike, you can never go wrong with bronze and super sensitive! And that is one of the first gens!
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    Heavy hardware

    For me, I like they heavy stuff "on" the gig. I have a combination of Ludwig Atlas Pro, Dw9000, etc... For my light weight, I use 80's Ludwig Atlas II single braced stands. Same stance but flatware! As I get older, loading in and out is a bit of a "work out" as other's have stated. I use a...
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    Today is Ludwig Super Sensitive day!

    It is Monday, and time for some Ludwig Super Sensitive (and Sensitive), love. Ludwig, if you are listening, bring them back!
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    The Official DFO RANDOM DRUM PHOTO Thread!!!!

    Random it is! Walked into my studio and took a few photos.
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    My endorsement story...because of the Jordan/Stones/Yamaha thread..

    Thank you for sharing this! From my vantage point/perspective, that seems to be critical for the touring drummer. You do not have time to search out a local music store and hope they have "something" you can use. After all the tours you have done, has this changed what you take with you as far...
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    Favorite N&C Solids

    Here you go. All original, heads, wires, key, box, paperwork, etc…