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    Ringo kit up for sale

    Looked like an honest description when I saw it on Dave's website this morning. Knew it would sell fast. The price on Dave's website is CDN$ and the Reverb price was likely US$ depending on where you live.
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    Online Bass lessons on YouTube

    Here's something to check out. Interested in what you think:
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    What constitutes a “complete” kit?

    Probably not what the OP was looking for in a response, but added here for humour/interest value: I Jeff Hamilton playing something less than a "complete" kit, but he certainly does the music justice. :)
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    Can someone help me with my snare?

    Just a guess -- snare wires installed upside down?
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    Can We Talk About Using Vintage Instead of Modern Drums in Live Settings?

    I had my late '60s Rogers kit out for a couple of big band gigs for the first time last summer. All period correct hardware except the throne and same with cymbals save for a couple of Bettis gems. I was a little worried about setup/take-down taking too long so budgeted extra time for that but...
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    Paiste Twenty Masters 22" Dark Ride [SOLD]

    That's a nice cymbal and good price. I sold one on Reverb earlier in the year for ~US$330 plus shipping.
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    Sabian HH 21" Viennese Brand NEW

    That's really interesting. Do you happen to know what it weighs?
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    DW CRAVIOTTO signed 5.5”x14” snare drum $775 plus ship

    Beautiful drum. How much are you asking for it?
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    Spindle Type Throne Base

    I'm using a Yamaha DS-840 which works very well.
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    Rogers "Script Logo" SuperTen 5x14" 10-Lug Custom Steel Snare Drum Early 1970s

    That's pretty cool. Did you do the work yourself?
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    Longtime drummers. How common was it

    Probably the early 70s when I started taking notice and mostly remember Ludwig and Premier in the drum shops of the day.
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    Coolest Drums I've Ever Heard!

    First time I heard this tune was with Max Roach on drums. Enjoy!
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    What drum hardware have you been surprised by?

    Original Rogers Swivo-matic hardware is surprisingly robust and functional considering how delicate it looks compared to modern gear. I've done OK with most DW hardware except for easily stripped memory locks on the Ultralight snare and hi-hat stands. Yamaha almost always surprises me in a...
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    Joe Farnsworth Remembers the Masters Series: Max Roach, King of Drums

    Thanks Joe! (both of you)
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    Does anyone own a New Rogers Wood Dynasonic Snare Drum? What are your thoughts?

    Here's something interesting. Timpano Percussion in Canada has a 5" B&B WMP Dyna-Sonic reissue on sale for CDN$799. Given the current $CDN-$US exchange rate, that could be a very attractive price to someone in the US.