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    Need Gretsch Renown Maple 12” Tom

    Looking for the above, needs to be Autumn Burst finish, from the older series which had the die-cast hoops. 9/12 or 8/12, wanted to complete a set. If anyone has one they want to sell message me ready to buy. Thanks Rudy
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    Gretsch Renown Maple Autumn Burst

    Ignore the attachment, I don't know how it got there I will edit asap. Thanks
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    Gretsch Renown Maple Autumn Burst

    I'm selling my beloved Gretsch Renown drums which I no longer use. Set is 5-6 years old, I am the original owner. Gigged very lightly, they are in EXCELLENT shape, could probably pass for new. 22 and 20" bass drums, the 20 has a pro installed tom holder, 22 is virgin. 10, 12 14, 16 toms and a...
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    Back on the gig....kind of

    Thanks for the tip -----we'll check it out for sure.
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    OT: Why I won't "do lunch"

    After 27 years, I'd rather smash my face into a brick wall than eat lunch with any "coworkers" (jeez I hate that term). No thanks. I'm fine all by myself in my little office.
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    Back on the gig....kind of

    That's great. My wife has Meniere's, at least that's what we've been told. She had her first incident while she was driving. She made it to where she was going (her father's house) but once inside she blacked out and fell, and the rescue squad rushed her to the hospital where they...
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    reasons why drums are best?

    All good stuff, and I would add that drums have the best "tone" of any instrument, at least to me. That's what drew in in the first place: The Sound!
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    First thoughts of my Renowns on the gig

    I just did a party gig which covered a bunch of Jazz standards in the first set and ended up with a lot of Motown and classic rock type stuff in the last set.I used my Renowns (the 20-12-14 "half" of the kit) which had been packed up and not played for awhile. Once again, I was stunned at how...
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    Silver Dots vs Black Dots

    I use a clear black dot bass batter with a Remo Muffl ring on my old Sonors with great results. In fact, that bass drum (16/22) never sounded or played better. I've had that kit for over 20 years and tried just about everything on them. YMMV.
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    Gretsch Renown vs Tama Silverstar

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    Gretsch Renown vs Tama Silverstar

    Renowns no doubt. I like mine better than the real 60's round badge kit I owned.
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    How often do you replace your drum heads?

    Same here
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    Pedal Spring Broke!

    Been there. I keep an extra pedal in the car now. The last time this happened, it was 10pm, first song of the first set, in "East Bum-Luck", NJ. Luckily, some dude lived right down the street who went and got a pedal for me to use, but I learned my lesson.
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    Looking to find my old Slingerland set

    Funny. I often surf ebay looking to see if my old Blackchrome bop set ever turns up. I ordered them brand new from Slingerland about 1976. Foolishly sold them in the early 80s, big mistake. Only drum set I regret parting with. They were NICE.