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    King Crimson - Now We Dance :-)

    Haha. I watch their videos and they always make me laugh. Good stuff.
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    Zoom H6

    If it's a powered mixer you would not run the mains to the zoom, but I'm sure there is a aux stereo out. You would run those to the primary inputs on the zoom.
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    Zoom H6

    The H6 is not overkill and I know people that love them. Plus it will be useful for anything else you need to record. Definitely good enough for drums. You can also run your mixer into it if you need to close mic your drums.
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    What's Up with Acrolite Values ?

    Vintage is still hot and made in USA is also hot. On top of that they really are good drums. Plus there is more hype than ever about Acros. The days of cheap Acros are gone. It's just like analog synths in the 90s. No one wanted them and they sold cheap. Now they command huge prices...even...
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    Update!! I bought a new kit! (Classic Maple's) Set up pics!

    I plan on doing 3 up on my classic maple once I get my 10 and 13. I'll have the 10 and 12 on a dual atlas tom mount mounted to a stand on the left. Then the 13 will be mounted with a atlas single mount to another stand on the right. Check out Carter McLean's classic maple videos. He did a...
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    Update!! I bought a new kit! (Classic Maple's) Set up pics!

    What's wrong with factory resos? They are just single ply Remos.
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    MINT, Sakae 6x14 Antique Bubinga snare

    I have one of these. It's a badass snare.
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    Favourite lacquer finishes currently

    I have a wrap set now (Ludwig Sky Blue Pearl), but I loved the look of the Tama Dark Cherry Fade on my Starclassics. It was a beautiful finish. I just grabbed this from Google:
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    Video on INDe drums

    Thanks for sharing.
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    Paiste Masters 22" Dark Crash Ride

    I would also like to know the weight.
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    Update!! I bought a new kit! (Classic Maple's) Set up pics!

    Awesome choice. I've just custom ordered a couple CM toms through Sweetwater. Pretty simple process....but I don't have them yet. I ordered a 13x9 and 10x7 to go with my jazzette. I hope to order a 16 in the future as well.
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    Snare drum off center issue... never figured this out over all these years

    Do you have a good source for all that black egg crate?
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    Goin’ super size for a minute...

    Awesome setup. I have the same Swish and the 22" Thin and they never leave the kit.
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    Sakae Trilogy Snare Owners: Drumhead Recommendations

    Could be. I guess I don't know for sure on the Trilogy. Whatever it is I like it. On the Sakae Concert Bubinga it is a Remo Renaissance, which feels very thin.
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    Sakae Trilogy Snare Owners: Drumhead Recommendations

    I like the stock head on mine....which I am pretty sure is just a Remo amabassador. I'd replace it with the same. It's a fantastic, dry, sensitive drum. I love mine. It's on my kit now.