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    What to do with used heads?

    I do a fair bit of recording and change heads more than most. I give them to a friend who owns a small local music store and he flips them for a few bucks each. He also gets most of my used gear to sell. He's "that" guy squeaking by and anything I can do to help keep those doors open, I try to do.
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    Has anyone seen this Pearl logo?

    See? Stuff like this. This is why I love this forum.
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    DW Drums Color?

    I have a collectors set in a very similar color, cherry satin oil.
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    The key to swing drumming

    As unpopular as this opinion my be (I know...opinions are like....) You either have it or you don't. You can learn by reading books and watching videos but that always sounds stiff to those in the know. I'll be leaving now but I stand by my statement, critisisms be damned.
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    First look at the new Rush pinball machine

    They have them listed on their website. There's three of them, one being limited edition that has an MSRP of $11,099.
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    Why no bamboo?

    As someone who as dealt with installers of bamboo flooring, I'll take a guess and say it may not keep it's shape well. In fly rods, the thin strips are glued together so well that it retains that small shape, however, with installing 4, 5 and 6 inch bamboo flooring, it always seems to cup and...
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    I don’t understand why Buddy Rich is so special. Explain it please?

    Sorry about that. After reading 99 posts, I guess #4 got lost in the fog. My apologies.
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    Journey Continues Musical Chairs With New Drummer on New Year’s Rockin’ Eve

    Keep your fingers crossed boys. Odd are your phone could ring soon!
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    Got an email from Craviotto/Diamond and man I like what I’m seeing

    The good news is, many more players can finally afford more than a one or two piece Craviotto kit if it's a brand they have to have.
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    I don’t understand why Buddy Rich is so special. Explain it please?

    This is post 100 in this thread. Number 1 should have been, "If we have to explain it to you, you wouldn't understand."
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    Has anyone tried a Sennheiser e602 Bass Drum mic before but preferred something else?

    The e602 was my second bass drum mic as it came in a Sennheiser drum mic set. I never cared for it mounted inside on a Kelly SHU. The Shure (my first bass mic) does well on the Kelly. My current fav is the Heil PR48 sounds terrible mounted on the SHU but is magical mounted outside the head...
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    OT: Favorite Fire Sign Theater Quote

    Lets stand him on his head. See? Now it's morning. The one with the ever widenening hole!
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    Ludwig Vistalite Kit on The Price Is Right Last Night: Can You Price It Right?

    Without watching, I'll guarantee I'm wrong.
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    Uses for LED strips?

    Underneath open riser stairs for subtle lighting.
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    Is Ludwig's L.A. Tattooist Kit the Most Regrettable Signature Snare/Drum Set of All Time?

    They tattooed over WMP but it could have been much worse. IMHO, DDrum owns bad signature kit releases. To me, the Travis Smith Signature was hideous and I wasn't fond of the Vinnie Paul kit, either.