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    Dream Dark Matter Energy Ride 20 mint $300 shipped OBO

    Practically new, only played on it a few times. I love the sound on its own - aggressive and articulate, with a dark, breathy snarl underneath - but I find that it doesn't fit in with the rest of the jazz set up I purchased it to complement. The bell is remarkably powerful as well! It would make...
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    Dream Moon Ride 22

    A behemoth of a cymbal, dry and icy, plenty of ping and power with a penetrating bell, but can be plenty subtle too. I liked using it for uptempo jazz but would be at home in a rock or metal set up too. 300 shipped obo
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    Sabian Jack DeJohnette Signature Cymbals

    Looking specifically for the ride or the china, hih hats could be cool too... I really love this set of cymbals whenever I hear them. Let me know if you're willing to part with one!
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    Cocktail kit - reduced bass drum vibrations?

    Apartment drummer here, making it work but looking to improve. Would a vertically-oriented bass drum such as on this kit ( help reduce floor vibrations? Or do I just not...
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    quieter jazz ride?

    Looking for a mellow ride that keeps a relatively low volume without having to play it super softly. Bosphorus master vintage comes to mind as something super buttery but restrained. Any others you've come across?
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    Dream Dark Matter Flat Earth 22inch Excellent condition!

    the ultimate jazz ride... you can pull so many sounds out of this wonderful, mysterious instrument, featuring a nebula of dark overtones swirling underneath a woody but slightly trashy stick click. 250 and shipping, or best offer.
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    WTB: Piccolo Snare 12x3

    Sizes somewhat flexible but looking for something compact with a nice pop!
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    Dream 20 inch moon ride

    BUMP Price lowered.
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    Dream 20 inch moon ride

    Really cool and unique cymbal, a svelte 7 lbs and uber dry with an amazing plaintive bell. I don't know how to describe it but this cymbal just sounds like it yens and pines. Great for uptempo jazz, metal, or as an effect cymbal. It really cuts! 250 shipped.
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    SOLD My Kerope ride for cash or your dreams or k special dry ride

    Excellent, check your DMs
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    SOLD My Kerope ride for cash or your dreams or k special dry ride

    It's 2204g. If you're interested, what do you have for trade?
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    SOLD My Kerope ride for cash or your dreams or k special dry ride

    Hey Moonman, check your DMs! And sorry Camdrums — I’m sure that is a fantastic cymbal but I’m really only looking for 20s right now.
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    SOLD My Kerope ride for cash or your dreams or k special dry ride

    Have a 20 inch kerope ride cymbal, practically new, only played it a few times. it's an absolutely lovely cymbal but it's not really the sound i'm interested in these days and it doesn't quite fit in with the rest of my cymbal palette so never got around to playing it much. $350 shipped, or: -...
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    Yamaha Manu Katche set in Purple Sparkle

    I believe it’s 7x10 12x13 16x16