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    Bass Drum Pedal Collection, Any Other Collectors Out There?

    Hi, Look at what I wrote at the bottom of my updated flier. Let me know what you think. Here's some back and forth I had with someone about Leedy and Leedy & Ludwig... Bleakley I’ve never seen an XL in anything other than Leedy. I have a couple of the Leedy & Ludwig Speed pedals. Assuming you...
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    Vintage Ludwig Metal Polish

    I just looked at the listing. Its at $222.50. Somebody really wants this...
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    WFL Bass Drum Pedal

    Hi, I know this is a one in a billion shot, but does anyone know who bought this WFL bass drum pedal from Pocket Percussion in Doylestown, PA? It was within the last month. The proprietor sold it to a walk in and has no record of the person's name. I collect Ludwig, Ludwig & Ludwig, WFL, Leedy &...
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    Ludwig Mod Orange

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    Citrus Mod finished

    You have one of the most impressive collections I've ever seen. I applaud you! SAZ
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    Bass Drum Pedal Collection, Any Other Collectors Out There?

    Well I think your collection is awesome. No matter what you do from this point on you’ve done a hell of a job
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    Bass Drum Pedal Collection, Any Other Collectors Out There?

    Very nice. Is that ally have are the footboards?
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    Are they kidding? 1930's Stage Screw. Would have been used to stop the bass drum from sliding away from Gene's big beats! $2,000 And some of the other prices? Really? Wow, somebody really has to be drinking the Kool-Aid to pay that for a screw Gene probably never touched, and a stagehand...
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    Bass Drum Pedal ID Please

    Right, to both of you!
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    Bass Drum Pedal ID Please

    Hi, I'm thinking of getting these two old pedals. Can you tell me what they are and what I should pay for them? Thank you, SAZ
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    What color rewrap for Ludwig set

    Black Diamond...
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    Ludwig Line of Bass Drum Pedals Wanted

    Hi, I'm looking for these seven specific bass drum pedals. If you have one them you'd like to sell me or have a lead I can pursue, please let me know! Thanx, SAZ PS: I collect Ludwig & Ludwig, Ludwig, W.F.L, Leedy & Ludwig and Ghost from 1909 through 1969!
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    The Prophesied Great Boomer Gear Sell-Off?

    This is pretty much it. You'll have to hunt me down! SAZ
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    educate me about Ghost Pedals

    I’ll take “hounded” as a compliment! Thanx Bill. I look at that pedal almost every day. SAZ