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    Floor Tom Legs with Memory Locks???

    Put the memory locks above the clamps.
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    Coated Ambassador VS. Ambassador X

    I like them on a snare when I want it to have more weight and slightly less harmonics but still all the life I love from an ambassador. Can make a metal drum a bit less "pingy". Not as inert as an Emperor. I was recently given an X14 to try and it was interesting but a little to dulled for my...
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    What is going on at Calato / Regal Tip?

    I've never had a problem finding them at Musician's Friend. Website indicates that they're in stock. I'm sorta stuck riding out some of the quality inconsistencies just because they're the only stick my dry hands can deal with.
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    Ludwig 3ply 26" kick/keystone&b/o bade 6.5 Supraphonic.

    You and everybody else, buddy.
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    SABIAN and A&F Drums collaborating?

    You'll be playing these and really loving how chunky, funky, junky they sound. Like something you might have found at a landfill, or vintage shop, or even dug up and made yourself. You're into it! Then you look down and remember that they cost you $700. Maybe I woke up on the wrong side of...
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    19" Armand Zildjian "Beautiful Baby" ride

    I have one. I would never have bought it based on a description (not really an "A" guy), and it wasn't on my radar when a friend brought me down to the Zildjian factory. But I played it and had to buy it. Still love it. Bonus: KILLER bell.
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    I deeply regret having heard this drum.
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    Contemporary drum solos have changed... but I can't put my thumb on it

    You play what you hear, and even the least innovative young drummer today grew up hearing sounds that didn't exist before she was born. That said, my personal belief is that we are in a new golden age of jazz ("jazz") drumming.
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    Do PS Blaster Wires really make that much of a difference

    Seconded. I tried this and couldn't believe my ears. I thought I had a bum Supra until I did this and now its one of my favorite drums.
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    Drum Mixer

    As a sound clerk, I would politely decline your submix.
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    The Who. Current tour.

    Thanks for posting. Very cool.
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    Hearing Protection

    I use Etymotic Research custom molds. There is a speak and hearing clinic attached to a local college which uses the fitting procedure as student training so the testing and fitting are free and the plugs are at cost. Nothing compares.
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    Zildjian K Con Rides as crashes

    I use a 20 K Con as a crash and it's the one cymbal I never play without.
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    OT: Your Favorite Live Album?

    Live at Leeds is just so fierce. This one King Crimson bootleg I had on cassette in High School, of the 80s band. Searching for that feeling my whole life since. Miles Davis Cellar Door Sessions. Masada Live at Tonic 2001 Every Deerhoof live record. Basically any live record where...
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    Is There a Drum Solo You Truly Like Musically? If So, Please Post It and Tell Why

    There is no way to post the particular solo I keep coming back to, but I could choose almost anything by Joey Baron. PERSONALITY IS THE ONLY THING THAT MATTERS.