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    Tama Dyna-Sync Double Pedal. Love it!

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    Vocal mic with lesser bleed through

    Most modern stage dynamics will have better rejection than a 58. That trend sorta started in the 90s with the OM5, which is still a great option. the BETA 57 also works well. Both of these mics also have a little more cut to the tone for getting your vocal out front; that might bother you...
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    OT: Which Is Your Favorite Led Zeppelin Album?

    If I could have only one Led Zeppelin album well then most days it would be Side A of LZ III.
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    Live Hip Hop Drum Setups

    Wow. I'm proud of this forum for providing such a useful info-packed thread. Lotsa great stuff here.
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    Rock and Roll - Led Zeppelin

    Oh I see what I did wrong. Corrected as: 3and. It's just that I hear it as 16th notes. So I guess I'd describe it properly as "4e". Not "3e" like I had it. I'm often confused.
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    Favorite Wooden Snare You Have Ever Played or Heard

    I love the snare in this picture, but a friend of mine has a George Way Studio model in 6.5 X 14 that I'd gladly pick if I could only choose one snare for the rest of my life.
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    My hands are shaking.
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    Bands With More Than One Drummer

    Oh jeez. Bitches Brew, man.
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    Bands With More Than One Drummer

    SPLENDID! I envy you, sir.
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    Bands With More Than One Drummer

    Melvins for a time. Polica. The Flaming Lips for a bit. I've done double drums a lot actually. It's great for going live what is done on recording via multiple loops and samples. I'd rather play with another drummer than a computer:
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    Tama finish questions....

    I took a look at a naked Star series shell at Maxwell's and the interior was as stunningly beautiful as the exterior, including inlay. There is no reason to want that but I wanted it very very badly.
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    "Funeral For A Friend/Love Lies Bleeding" Elton John

    The hi hat on this is a total ASMR wormhole. Always loved it.
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    Shut Up and Take My Money, British Drum Co.

    I found this shootout to be useless. I couldn't hear the bad one!
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    Shure SM57, a drummer's friend

    If you're handy with a solder gun you can remove the transformer and get a little more bottom out of it, and more headroom. That said I've never been a fan of the 57 for anything other than recording vocals or a Gibson acoustic. I just hate them on snare drums. And I say this even though I'm...
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    Just returned a DW9000 hi hat stand I was severely disappointed in. What's the best hi hat stand I can go buy new today?

    I find folding this to be an unbearable chore. So I don't; I just close the legs and put it in my big box. It's worth it to me because this is my favorite feeling hi hat stand since the 80s Tama Lever Glides, which I still love. The ones with NO STRAP.