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    Low volume cymbals (but not as low volume as Zildjian L series)

    There’s always the Agean R series of cymbals which are “low noise” but sound much more like regular cymbals. They are louder than L80s, tho. I now have a set of Ageans and I brought them into my drum lesson and let my instructor A/B them and he did prefer the Ageans over the L80s. Unfortunately...
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    George Strait ACL with Bobby Jarzombek

    This is my understanding as well- FW is shelved for the foreseeable future, if not for good: Jim Matheos Interview A shame since they weren’t drawing what they deserved (saw them play in a crappy club here in Seattle for the Theories of Flight Tour) and their musical output has been...
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    Cool Smells Like Teen Spirit Inst Cover

    I’ve been a huge, huge Tauk fan since their earlier days which was frustrating for someone living on the west coast and a band being from the east coast. They evolve with each release but I’ve always loved their ability to take a musical idea and transform it. Matt, their guitarist, has...
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    What's Your Latest Drum Purchase?

    I wasn't looking for a new throne but a local thrift store posted this Rock-N-Soc Lunar Series throne on Offer Up for $60. It's in perfect shape- there appears to be two small swipes of some nail polish but that's it. Score!
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    Your latest cymbal purchase.....

    I am planning on doing some sort of simple A/B. Until then, I would suggest checking out this video. The guy plays much better than I possibly can. :toothy10: Anyways, this video is what really got me interested in their cymbals.
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    A Beginner’s Story. When do things click?

    I am just over 1.5 years into playing drums and I recently had a “clickable” moment. Basically, it was moment when I finally felt musical behind the kit rather than robotic. I wasn’t focused on repetition on a groove or timing. I was experimenting by trying different fills and adding accents. I...
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    Your latest cymbal purchase.....

    Yesterday I got my order of Agean R low noise cymbals from Graynor Music. I took advantage of their current sale to completely swap out my current Zildjian L80 cymbal set for the Agean R equivalents- 14" hi-hats, 18" crash, 16" crash, 20" ride, and 10" splash. They're all part of the regular "R"...
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    Fighting cymbal stand vibration

    Alright, so the neoprene foam I ordered arrived yesterday. I cut up the 4x4" pad into four 2x2" pads and slipped them under the cymbal stand feet. It completely eliminated the vibration- Apologies for the dog hairs. :toothy10: The foam worked so well I wondered if other cheaper variants of...
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    How do you practice - what practice aids do you use?

    I’ll use my iPhone metronome apps or my Tama Rhythm Watch when working on my timing. Being newer to drumming, my instructor has been exposing me to grooves that work on different concepts like beats that focus on the Ands or EEs etc. To help with these practices, I create MP3 tracks using midi &...
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    What's Your Latest Drum Purchase?

    Finally got tired of the tom sag of my PDP CX 14" tom so I bought the Gauger Dynamount kit to convert it to free standing. The tom felt too short with the 19" legs that came with my leg hardware kit so I bought some 24.5" legs from Drum Factory Direct and now it sits at a better height for me.
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    Would you buy used from Guitar Center?

    I’ve bought 2 guitars through GC and both have been positive experiences (quality of purchased item and packaging for shipment). I do wish their photos were larger d of a better quality but so far, so good for me.
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    First Kit - Buying and Setup

    Congrats! Kind of felt like an extend family member waiting for the birth of a child. :laughing5: That looks like a pretty shade of purple on that extra Tom.
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    eBay/Craigslist cymbal alerts - the official thread

    Here's a deal if you've been looking at Agean R low volume cymbals. If you're not aware of Agean Rs, they're louder than Zildjian L80s but still quieter than normal cymbals and sound closer to regular cymbals. Anyways, Graynor Music is the USA distributor of Agean and they're currently having a...
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    Fighting cymbal stand vibration

    I’ve already ordered those neoprene foam pieces that I originally mentioned for $16 so I’ll report back next week after I get them and try it out.
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    Fighting cymbal stand vibration

    Nice. I haven’t heard of these. Do you use a pad on top and bottom or just bottom?