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    Neil Peart on Music Marketing – ‘It’s a Sad Mess’

    Neil Peart on Music Marketing – ‘It’s a Sad Mess’ SKF NOTE: Digital music devastated the old order of earning a living in the music business. I still don't understand all the nuances those changes made. But I understand enough to know album sales and airplay lost much of their money earning...
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    Which of you are songwriters?

    I am a songwriter. Melodies, chords, lyrics. skf
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    Interview with Dave Clark of the Dave Clark 5

    Good band with good songs. Fond memories.
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    #SKFBlog -- Neil Peart On Making His Romanian Oak Drumset

    #SKFBlog -- Neil Peart On Making His Romanian Oak Drumset SKF NOTE: This morning, revisiting email exchanges with Neil Peart, looking for one exchange in particular, I came across Neil's March 15, 2015 email and photo describing his "new Romanian Oak drumset," destined for Rush's 40th...
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    What player do you think is most similar to Buddy that is still active these days

    Buddy was one of a kind. Why look for him in the shadows? He's gone. But he left an invaluable drumming legacy. This drummer generation, and all subsequent drummers generations, have Buddy's legacy for knowledge and inspiration. Best, skf
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    What Are You Listening To?

    Listened this week, for the first time ever, to Wes Montgomery's "Bumpin'" album. Great music and a reminder of drummer Grady Tate's taste and musical brilliance.
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    Willie's Drummer, Paul English, died

    SKF NOTE: If you’re reading this interview, chances are you know Paul English is Willie Nelson‘s longtime friend and drummer. This was a phone interview, but I did get to meet Paul a short time later when Willie performed at Town Hall in New York City...
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    Frank Briggs Interview – Do Your Best Always (Circa 1983)

    Frank Briggs Interview – Do Your Best Always (Circa 1983) SKF NOTE: I recently uncovered this circa 1983 interview with drummer Frank Briggs. Edited slightly, I’ve retyped my original introduction below, followed by scans of my original transcript, complete with proofreaders marks. I don’t...
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    Jimmy Cobb needs help

    Thank you for this info. I have donated to the fund and I will spread word of the fund through my blog and social media. Best, skf
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    Buddy....thought I'd seen 'em all....

    That is some awful sounding snare drum. Wow. Hard to believe Grady Tate set it up to sound like that. Maybe it was a substitute snare for Buddy and/or other guest drummers. skf
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    Dave Getz, Big Brother and the Holding Company, Piece of my Heart.

    I had that album when first released and loved it. The whole spirit of that band was infectious. It was a sad day for me when I learned Big Brother & the Holding Company was being replaced by a new horn band. I did see this band, with Getz and Janis, at Westbury Music Fair, NY. Great stuff. They...
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    SKF on Neil Peart – Friends, Dreams and Mystical Resonances

    SKF on Neil Peart – Friends, Dreams and Mystical Resonances SKF NOTE: This post opens with my last email to Neil Peart -- which he didn't answer. On learning of his death and his years long struggle with cancer, I know why Neil didn't answer. I liked Neil Peart as a human being. We first met...
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    Slight OT: Piano Trio Jazz

    The Ramsey Lewis Trio "Back to the Roots" The Great Jazz Trio Live at the Vanguard with Ron Carter, Tony Williams Tommy Flanagan Trio with George Mraz, Elvin Jones In a whole other vein, I very much like listening to sax, bass, drum trios with no chording instruments like piano or guitar.
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    Looking for info on drummer Billy 'Kentucky' Wilson

    Hi - I received an email from a woman seeking info on drummer Billy 'Kentucky' Wilson. Here's what she wrote: My husband and I were wondering if anyone out there remembers a drummer name Billy Kentucky Wilson? We knew him many years ago and lost track of him and his family. Kentucky played at...
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    Scott K Fish - Frankie Dunlop Complete Interview Available Online

    Frankie Dunlop - Complete Interview Part 7 of 7 SKF NOTE - This is the last segment of my full interview, no edits, with Frankie Dunlop. The interview took place in 1984 in two sessions. The first session, on October 16, 1984, was at my former in-law’s New York City apartment. The December 13...