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    Gary Burton - Vibraphonist

    Such a great player. The first time I heard Gary was on Stan Getz's Getz au Go Go album. He is such a great player with so many great albums. As with any great musician I have sometimes been let down with a Burton album. But not often. And on the other side of the equation I've owned many Burton...
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    Famous Drummer's View

    Buddy's kit from Neil Peart's "Burnin' for Buddy" CD booklet.
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    Freddie Gruber’s Drum Lesson on Buddy Rich’s Table Top

    Freddie Gruber’s Drum Lesson on Buddy Rich’s Table Top SKF NOTE: Yesterday, driving, my drum lesson with Freddie Gruber came to mind. He was in NYC for a limited time and seemingly impossible to get to do the Modern Drummer interview he said he would do. Our last chance took place in Buddy...
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    Famous Drummer's View

    Barry Keane onstage in Merrill Auditorium, Portland, ME with Gordon Lightfoot.
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    What is the "hands down" best sounding Ludwig snare?

    I've heard two 1980s vintage Ludwig Acrolyte snares that sounded beautiful. Very easy to tune. Just great sounding drums.
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    Neil Peart's Time - Tom Sawyer

    I sent Neil a cassette of some of my favorite jazz drummer tracks. Neil singled out Buddy Rich as having impeccable natural time. Neil said he played the Buddy track against a metronome and Buddy's time stayed right on the money. Best, skf
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    Flans’s Jeff Porcaro Bio – A Good Read, Sure to Stand the Test of Time

    DeafMoon - It’s very possible you looked at Robyn’s book with more familiarity than I did or could. Much of this material was new to me. And like our friend in the reply following, I came away with a greater appreciation for Jeff.
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    Flans’s Jeff Porcaro Bio – A Good Read, Sure to Stand the Test of Time

    SKF NOTE: Last night I finished reading Robyn Flans's book, Jeff Porcaro - It's About Time: The Man and His Music. Robyn and I first met in the 1980s when I was Managing Editor of Modern Drummer and she was one of MD's prolific freelance writers. I remember from conversations with Robyn during...
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    Gave up on modern drummer

    Sad to hear these stories. / skf
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    ‘Don’t Tread on Me’ Inspired by Drummer’s Artwork

    SKF NOTE: Reading Water Isaacson's biography of Benjamin Franklin, I was pleasantly surprised to learn the famous Gadsden Flag ("Don't Tread on Me") was inspired by a drummer's artwork. Read on. "Back in Philadelphia, a group of Marine units were being organized to try to capture British arms...
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    A Little Pick Me Up (featuring the late great Richie Hayward)

    Had a failed meeting w Ritchie for a MD feature interview. One of my big disappointments. /!skf
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    Speaking of unorthodox setups, Cold Blood's Sandy McKee

    Sandy was a big influence on MTB drummer Paul T Riddle.
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    Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Announces 2021 Nominees

    The R&R Hall of Fame is perfect for the “everyone wins a trophy” mindset.
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    Chick Corea has passed away

    Since the 1970s, I've listened to Chick Corea in many musical settings. Sometimes I truly enjoyed his music. Other times, not. Mr. Corea never hit me in the same way as Herbie Hancock, Bill Evans, or many other keyboard plays. And I kept listening. -- I thought Chick's recent book, and his...