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    New Roland Sample Pad - SPD-SX PRO

    This is my exact situation. I used the original SPD-SX but switched to the TM6 Pro both for its easy-to-use song mode (my original band doesn't have a keyboard player and those sounds come from backing tracks with full click track from the DAW) and it's responsive triggered sounds on top of...
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    Wrap, Lacquer, or satin?

    As I've seen others mention, my live kit is now a sparkle wrap. I played Yamaha laquer kits for many years - a 1995 Maple Custom and a 2010 Maple/Birch Custom Absolute kit. The dings are forever with those unless you have them refinished. The new live kit is a Craviotto Diamond Series. My son...
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    Favorite drum wraps finishes ??

    Really liking my new Craviotto Diamond Series kit in gold sparkle wrap. These are their new maple ply shells and they only come in wrap finishes. Was looking for something with a wrap to better hold up at gigs vs. lacquer finishes and these have been great so far. They catch the stage lighting...
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    Stick Tip Integrity vs. Durability

    I've played Promark 5B Oak sticks for many years. They are just so durable. The tip integrity is great - they don't lose chunks of wood even in the louder rock gigs. But they transmit stress up my aging arms. To address this, I picked up several pairs of Vic Firth American Classic 5B Hickory...