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    Zildjian CRASH/RIDE 1970's

    I'm not sure how the 70s/80s ones compare, but I think I own three 20" crash-rides from the 60s/70s, judging by bell size (need to look at the stamps again). Pre-ink, or ink removed. The latter two cases I was drawn to by a soundfile; the first one was actually an German ebay thing buying by...
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    Ping-iest ride?

    Question is:how loud does it need to be? Interestingly, weight isn‘t directly proportionate to ping. Some heavier cymbals aren‘t actually loud. Others are, it doesn’t only depend on how hard you hit.
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    Snare Drum Tunung Fundamental Frequencies

    Haven't touched my snare side heads in months. Some might need re-tightening, but I wouldn't go higher than g on the bottom. Batter head to taste, medium or on the looser side.
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    Snare Drum Tunung Fundamental Frequencies

    On a shallow drum, low tuning might be a bit quieter unmic'ed. In my expereince you get maximum projection using medium tuning. Snare tension should also be medium , letting the tone come through, a bit like a noise gate.
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    "Blindfold Test"

    [shrugs] :) You know what I was thinking? I was thinking "Weckl cymbal" and just listed the ones he used or co-designed. It's not actually brilliant finsih, or is it?
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    "Blindfold Test"

    Really nice. Works fine with the vibe of the track. Right in the middle between sweet/foucssed and complex. Top end clarity, with a lower undercurrent. If it's a Sabian, it's a really good one ;) Actually sounds more like a Z to me. That top-lathed, bottom-unlathed/ brilliant K Custom medium...
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    When (and why) did the 8 inch tom fall out of favor??

    An 8" tom seems almost like an electric sound to me, mic'ed it works fine; without, it gets lost. You need to tune very high to let it speak acoustically, but this is not a sound many are going for. Just this weekend I heard a kit, 8/10/14 toms I think, that worked fine mic'ed up, but it...
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    Enlighten Me on Cymbal Design

    Here's a soundfile of a cymbal I got and haven't used a lot since it's a bit too heavy for my taste. There is a bit of low/mid build-up, maybe this is another reason it's not my most loved cymbal. Picture at the bottom of the post shows an Audacity frequency graph of the frequency spectrum of...
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    Any tips for tuning 12 and 13 toms?

    From my theory of sizes resp. pitches, this should sound great at a major triad tuning (5-3-1). Perfect 5th between 12 and 15, with the 13 right in the middle. 15" ft is the only other tom I might get. Some jazz drummers have used 12-13-14, but that's awfully close.
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    Any tips for tuning 12 and 13 toms?

    OK, definitely not a sound for every style and drummer. Maybe it's about the mount? Some tom mounts don't let the drum decay as long at higher tunings. Try holding it by your hand to see what it's capable of. Agree that even tuning top and bottom usually produces the longest decay. It's been a...
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    Any tips for tuning 12 and 13 toms?

    You named it, it sounds choked to you - but this is just because you're not used to higher tunings. Listen to guys like Simon Phillips and get accustomed to the higher range. As for tuning, start with bothe heads tensioned evenly. If you like a wider spread, maybe use thinner heads (top or...
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    bass wood drums

    Sonor used basswood (German "Linde") for a while. 3001/3003 shells were maple/basswood. Sounded nice.
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    5.5 vs other size snares

    Somehow most classic metal drums are 5". but wood drums came in 5.5 (Gretsch , Ludwig). I think of them as right down the middle, nothing extreme, but versatile. Tighten the batter head and it's a bright drum, lower it, maybe adds ome extra mass, and it's a low sounding drum. Not extremely low...
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    Some more cymbals to discuss

    I forgot to mention the 19" Mel - sounds very close to the Bos in tone actually. Maybe it's a versatile LSR, too, but the 20" Light might be more colorful? I fondly remember playing some nice 19" Mels (Mehmet or Agop) at jam sessions, they seemd to be rather chunky, with a thicker edge than some...
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    Some more cymbals to discuss

    I hear you. My SCDR ND sits around most of the time. I started out on heavy ride cymbals, and I still enjoy the sound, but I prefer lighter cymbals, the wash/crashability, overall smoothness at lower volume.