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    Disoriented while playing?

    Honestly, it sounds like it could be related to blood pressure, dehydration or a minor panic attack. I’d chat with a professional in a white coat either way…
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    How Much Does a National Touring Act's New Drummer Make?

    Woah! Great story and definitely eye opening. That’s less than an individual can make playing bars, pubs and weddings out here in the Canadian Maritime provinces!!!
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    How Much Does a National Touring Act's New Drummer Make?

    This is a great live lesson for music or any business: pay people fairly and pay them what they’re worth. Want the best? Pay them. Want to keep them happy? Pay them. Want to keep them around? Pay them. Your principals are sound. You know your worth and you’re standing by it. I commend you.
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    Not loving playing drums now.

    I’ve put down my sticks for years, to focus on other areas of life and then picked right back up where I left off. Well…aside from losing callouses and some cardio! Do it! Take a break and come back to it, your drums will always be there waiting for you. Unless your partner tries offloading...
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    Snare - Moon Gel, Gaffers tape, drum clip, wallet - What do you use?

    A very small amount of tape, if anything at all! I spend a considerable amount of time on tuning for matched frequency, head combos, using “high end” snares and straps…etc. in addition to collecting and playing killer drums. For my ears, very few need any muffling at all unless in the studio...
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    OT: New Cars, No CD Player

    Tbh, I prefer that a CD player isn’t included. For me, it’s less waste for something that I haven’t used for years since ripping everything to digital! It also saves space on the instrument panel. :) In saying that, I completely understand the value in having a CD player there for those who use...
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    Good brass snares (besides the Black Beauty)

    Many great options listed. A heads up though, Pearl has many different variations of their Sensitones - especially brass Sensitones! One of my favs (and closest to a BB IMO) is the Sensitone Elite model from the 2000’s. The product tag was STE1465BR or STE1455BR for the smaller model. Most...
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    INDe, Q drum co., Gretsch aluminum snare??

    Plenty great snares have been mentioned already, so it really comes down to your budget! For the under $500 group, I’d recommend: - Ludwig Supraphonic (hammered or smooth, imperial or tube lugs, 5 or 6.5; so many options) - Pearl Sensitone Elite Aluminum (I’ve not tried the new ones, but the...
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    Pearl Floor Tom Rubber tips do anything?

    I’ve always been a fan! Not only do they help with sustain (to my ears, and many others) but they also add a lot more surface area touching the ground, so they help eliminate ft creep. To play devils advocate can also find articles that argue against them; saying they don’t...
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    Definitely a fan of Pearl snares! I currently only have a 6.5 MRV and it’s great but their metal line up is some of the best valued drums on the market. They sound great, there’s plenty to choose from and they’re fairly priced. I wouldn’t hesitate to add more to the collection!
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    FWIW, they technically just rereleased their classic Pearl script logo on a few drums. Pretty cool looking if I do say so! Their current Music City Custom white badge is pretty clean looking too. I have a kit and snare with that one and love looking at it. But I’m with you, their logos for the...
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    What is your favorite badge ?

    I was hoping to see this here!
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    Do other people gear choices and usage bother you?

    This is interesting, especially the piece on rankism. It reminds me of the vibe on most Facebook drum groups, where fellas put up “look at me” posts, or comment on others’ pictures with their own. It’s all to satisfy the ol ego. As long as you're happy buying/playing whatever gear you want to...
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    Worth having 2 kits ?

    Like many others have already said, if you gig or rehearse or do anything that requires moving kits...having more than one is a great idea! Cymbals and snares can be easily moved around, but I love knowing I don’t need to move a full kit. If it’s any help, I started to justify keeping more...
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    Do you prefer Lacquer or Wrap for your kits and why?

    Always liked the look of lacquer, and my first few profession kits were! But even though I baby my kits, things happen on the I’ve been playing wraps for decades. The piece of mind takes the burden off, plus there’s something classy about a nice marine/diamond pearl or sparkle wrap...