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    List your progression of sticks from beginning to now

    2B 5A Joe Morello Dave Weckl
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    OT - Any albums make you cry?

    "There's a hole in daddy's arm where all the money goes" "Sam Stone" by John Prine gets me. "Bells and Roses" Roseanne Cash "The Dutchman" Michael P Smith, was in a band with the former road manager for the Outlaws who stated that you couldn't be in the band if you didn't cry when you heard...
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    Different bass drums for different gigs - size matters?

    "in all of music history the drums for jazz has been smaller, and I can't get to a gig with a large kit because they will see me as unserious!!" Seriously? this guy plays jazz and doesn't know that "bop" size bass drums became popular in the 50's? I have recently gone to an 18" as my go to...
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    "All woods sound the same" - is this a new song?

    "When someone makes an absolutist statement it is generally wrong." You're wrong. Please look up the word "generally" in the dictionary. Without that word it would be absolutist.
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    "All woods sound the same" - is this a new song?

    When someone makes an absolutist statement it is generally wrong. I have AB'd the same size shells with identical heads and tuning and haven't been able to get the same sound. I have been able to duplicate attacks, the front end of the sound, but haven't been able to match the middle and end...
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    I bought a ddrum vintone mahogany snare drum...and it's excellent!

    I have an 18 pound ddrum Mike Marsh snare with a shell milled from stainless steel. They've made some very high quality drums which are relatively cheap on the used market due to ddrum's reputation. It's something like my Olympia guitars. Their stuff was laminated crap but in early 2001 they...
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    The Weight of a Drum Stick Instead of Light, Medium, Heavy

    I bought a massive number of Dave Weckl factory seconds fifteen years ago and have the weight in grams written with a Sharpie on the butt end. IIRC they varied from 48 to 71 grams. I generally use the lightest matched pairs, say 51 to 53 grams. When I go heavier it's quite wonderful to stay with...
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    More practice due to lockdowns?

    I have a shop in an insulated cargo container which I set in in the past 18 months. I've spent more time there since Inslee put out the stay at home order. In the back of the container I created a practice space with drum set, guitar, mandolin and some other instruments. I attached an old flat...
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    DRUM Magazine Reveals Acoustic-Only Drummers are Piloting a Horse-and-Buggy in the Jet Age

    With the Handsonic I can customise every sound. You're barely scratching the surface if you are trying to sound like everyone else. I play without a PA. I put a pillow on a powered PA speaker and use it for a drum throne.
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    OT ... John Prine has passed ... dang

    Love Steve Goodman, Love John Prine. Listened to many John Prine songs yesterday.
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    DRUM Magazine Reveals Acoustic-Only Drummers are Piloting a Horse-and-Buggy in the Jet Age

    I went hybrid for a completely different reason. I like brushes. In my last band I exclusively used brushes UNTIL we started gigging once or twice a week. I encountered some stages so small that I couldn't bring a regular kit. I started using a Roland Handsonic with BD and HH triggers. Then we...
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    Which band replace their drummer for a better technical drummer that ended up not working as well for their songs?

    In 1966 Hughie Flint left and John Mayall brought Aynsley Dunbar into the Bluesbreakers; then in 1967 replaced him with Micky Waller and then Mick Fleetwood because Aynsley was "too technical".
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    Pearl experts - Masters Custom Maple Shell?

    OK, then the toms originally had flanged rims with ISS mounts. Someone put die cast rims on and still used the ISS mounts. I'm going to put the 14 on a very low snare drum stand but will probably leave the mount on the 10 and use it. Actually I'll probably try them both ways to see if there is...
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    Wanna Buy A Drum Company? R.O.C. For Sale This Weekend...Estate Sale

    I have one of those with chrome wrap ... and I'm looking to sell it. 5 Burley tandem bicycles may be worth thousands. Good price for the lot.
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    Pearl experts - Masters Custom Maple Shell?

    So these are the same type that was later labeled MMX? If I wanted to add an identical shell I would get an MMX? Don't understand the second part as these have ISS mounts on die cast rims, at lest that's what the stickers claim. Any labels are gone. I do need to correct myself. The 10" rims are...