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    OT:Rushed to the ER

    Prayers sent....
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    Pretty Amazing Amber Vistalite

    I have the reissue and they have the large spurs, did they make the 70's kits with these larger spurs?
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    Big Bad Kit Porn!

    Here are my Big Boys, Ludwig vistalite Zep kit 14,16,18,26 Ludwig Accent Zep kit 13,16,18,26 Sonor 3005 14,16,18,24
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    Show your current favourite cymbal(s)

    My Paiste Giant beats..24, 18 ,16 and 15 hats.
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    Ludwig Vistalite questions ??

    Can u say rip off !!!
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    Ludwig Vistalite questions ??

    I have the Zep reissue 26, 15 ,16,18 and there loud. I changed the silver dot stock heads right after I bought them and put on Remo CS . I'm not sure what those would be worth but they sound big!!!!. Pick them up and watch your band members start
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    Bonzo / Vistalite Lovers

    Lovin the vistalites
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    Ludwig Vistalite BD head selection

    The Re issue kit comes with silver dot on the batter and clear heavy on the reso.
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    Opinion on newer Ludwig Bonham kits

    I bought that set a few months ago..... And they are wonderful, yes there loud and take a bit more time to tune but wow do they project and after changing the factory heads they do sound wicked. Now I do have 2 other wood kits also and vistalites are not a jazz kit. But well build and they look...
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    Show your Vintage Guitars!!

    There not all vintage but here's my collection, left to right 2009 Gibson Explorer 1996 Ibanez PS-10 2008 Gibson Les paul classic 2007 Epiphone Double neck g-1275 1983 Lado Hawk 1973 Gibson Les paul Standered 1980's Kramer custom (custom airbrush) 2010 Fender HHS Strat 2010 Squire Jazz Bass
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    What is the temperature right now?

    We hit 115 in Woodstock Ontario......and no we don't live in igloo'
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    I just bought a new set of Vistalites(Zep Kit) this is my first set of vistalites and I do own 2 sets of wood drums also (Ludwig and Sonor) I love them there loud but mine have great tone and punch. I had to change the silver dot factory heads. The new ones I believe are thicker shells,Yes...
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    10 weeks and still NO Ludwig Legacy snare

    I ordered my Vistalite kit,they said 8 weeks, it came in 7 weeks. I guess I was lucky.
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    Acrylic drums - opinions?

    I have the Ludwig Zep reissue kit, these are big drums and are loud but warm. Had to change the silver dot factory heads to Remo black dots. A little harder to tune then wood shells, but I love them.
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    Show me some luds

    Thank you ,just got them last week...:)