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    Do you keep cymbals that are close in sound to each other?

    I have that situation right now. I have a 17" Paiste Mellow Crash that sounds very similar to my 18" Full Crash. I was pretty surprised when I first noticed that. Of course there are some differences, but they are basically putting out the same note. So the 17" is pretty much redundant. I will...
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    3 weeks & item purchased from member yet to be shipped ?? UPDATE - NOW DELIVERED !!!

    I don’t know what happened Steve, but I want you to know how much I have always appreciated the deep, factual knowledge that you took the time and energy to share with everyone here. I just want to say publicly that loosing you is huge loss to the forum. Your posts and general membership have...
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    Zenstat you are not allowed to leave

    Huh? Did I miss something? ...and no please don’t leave Zen!
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    Pink Floyd With A New Face...

    Nice job on that!
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    IEM advice best isolation

    Maybe you need the large tips instead of the mediums. Squish them in there nice and deep and hopefully you will get a good seal.
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    Sabian 21"

    I think Sabian must be the kings of the 21" size. It seemed to be their thing for a while (or maybe still).
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    Audio-Technica ATM-230 tom mics (x5)

    I have a set of these mics and I love them. They sound so good on the toms it’s like ear candy.
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    Experiences With Istanbul Mehmet Nostalgia Series?

    Would you consider the Nostalgia crashes somewhat low volume cymbals? Do they have enough range (loudness) to be used in something like a Steely Dan tribute band? The videos sound great, but I have not heard one in person. I’m looking at 17” and 18” crashes for this.
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    Experiences With Istanbul Mehmet Nostalgia Series?

    I’m looking to find a couple of the Nostalgia crashes. I definitely like what I’ve seen in the videos. Hoping to find a mated pair.
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    Do you ever use a played-in head as a reso?

    I was looking for that exact image when I replied to this thread!
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    I like the comic strip motif. Very cool!
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    OT - looking for portable Bluetooth Speaker Recommendations

    This little guy here does a nice job. Puts out a lot of nice clean sound despite its size.
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    OT: Podcasts Anyone?

    Drum History podcast is great. Considering how much we all like to talk about drum heads around here I'd say you have to at least check out the Evans and Remo episodes as a must listen (listen to Evans first since they went first). High drama in drum head land and very informative. Great history.
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    Do you ever use a played-in head as a reso?

    I’ve seen countless vintage images of drummers with heavily worn heads on the reso side. I think they may have been doing it to save money, but it’s possible they did it to tame the drums too. We certainly know it works from seeing so many famous drummers do it in the past. Let us know if you...
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    Wanted - Mehmet Trad Thin Crashes

    Anyone have any they'd like to part with? Looking for 17-18-19".