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    Snare recommendations for maximum versatility

    Aluminum. Just one good one that you really like and you should not even want to play anything else after that. ... OK.... Maybe a Brass or Bronze. Anymore and you just collecting "stuff".
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    coated diplomats on the bottom, any difference?

    I have a clear Emperor over a Coated Diplomat on my Ludwig floor tom and it's been great.
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    coated diplomats on the bottom, any difference?

    Hey Seb, I think this is an interesting observation you posted. I'm interested particularly in this idea: "Coated bottom heads in general: I used to think they'd only change the decay time of the fundamental, but they also seem to influence the overtones of the batter head. Less high-edn, more...
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    Paiste Sound Edge shootout

    That video is really well made. So useful. I love it when something like this is executed so well. I’m leaning towards the 2002’s in this comparison. They seemed to excel in each type of sound he played. Where the others may have excelled at certain types of sounds, but not others. i.e. I...
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    Foreign car, foreign cymbals..?..

    Uh oh... A whole pile of Paiste's and Two VW's!!!
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    Hi Hat clutch - how to cover the threads to prevent keyholing ?

    Shrink rubber tubing does work very good. If you have it around try it.
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    Drummer Just like His Dad, Phil Collins

    What greater thing could there be than a son taking the reins over from dad on the drums because his father needs the help. I never had a relationship like that with my dad. Good for them!
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    OT-Any Bill Nelson Fans? Recommend albums?

    Sunburst Finish is a great Be Bop Deluxe record. I'm not too familiar with the post Be Bop stuff although I do have some. Red Noise comes to mind. Great musician!
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    SOLD! 15” A Zildjian Redesigned New Beat Hi-Hats

    ...and SOLD! Thanks all!
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    SOLD! 15” A Zildjian Redesigned New Beat Hi-Hats

    Price lowered. Come and get ‘em!
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    Gig Schizophrenia

    Ryno - you beat me to it with the Oreos and Bourbon! I was thinking that must have been fueled by a whole package of Oreos!
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    18” K Session ride—sold

    Gorgeous cymbal!
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    Outdoor gigs in the Florida heat

    This pic was from a gig down in Islamorada. The stage is a floating dock that actually rose up considerably higher with the incoming tide by the end of the night. The July Florida heat was brutal. It had just rained an hour before we set up and the carpeting on the drum riser was soaked like a...