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    Bass Drum Hole OR No?

    Remember too, 95% of the songs you've heard on Top 40 radio for the last 50 years were recorded with either a port in the front head, or removed entirely.
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    Bass Drum Hole OR No?

    Certain genres like R&B dictate that you port the reso head so you get a short, punchy note. If you're playing jazz, you want the opposite, a long note with the heads tensioned higher. It's important to have the right tool for the job. You wouldn't join an Eagles tribute band and have a...
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    Favorite 90's Drummers

    I hated most of the 90s music, but I really loved Andy Sturmer's playing with Jellyfish.
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    Where is the Annual Super Bowl Halftime Show Thread?

    I didn't understand what I was watching. Some girl was singing and dancing, then all of a sudden some guy in a silver helmet appeared and started uttering gibberish. At that point, I went outside and smoked a doob.
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    Steve Gadd 1977

    Whatever Gadd is on there, I want some. I'm thinking pharmaceutical grade cocaine.
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    Seahawks Eagles Game

    Should've slid feet first.
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    Seahawks Eagles Game

    Wentz had his glass jaw shattered again. Gonna be tough listening to all this bitching around here.
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    Newer Evans G2 heads denting + coating coming off?

    After several bad experiences with the novelty brands, I'm back to Remo 100% and couldn't be happier.
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    Reverb Rant!

    Nobody bought that snare while they were awaiting your payment. They either sold it before hand and never updated their listing, or they didn't want to sell it for the agreed upon price. They are liars. Name names so nobody else has to deal with their foolishness.
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    Why Don’t I Have Desire to Check Other Bands Out?

    I will only go out and see original bands nowadays, and even then, if they start playing too loudly, I'll leave immediately. Cover bands I have no interest in seeing because inevitably their covers will pale versus the records they are covering.
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    Why you shouldn't do $100 gigs....

    In all the year's I've been doing this, I've come across very few who could match me in terms of talent and ability. So I'm sorry, $100 isn't worth me leaving the couch for anymore, especially doing tired Skynyrd covers.
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    3 weeks & item purchased from member yet to be shipped ?? UPDATE - NOW DELIVERED !!!

    Total B.S. from the seller. Nobody has more family problems than me, and I still manage to ship out 1-5 items a day. I even dropped several items at the PO on the way to my brothers funeral. If not shipped by the end of the week, they should be exposed here.
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    Favorite Wooden Snare You Have Ever Played or Heard

    Cleveland Powertone in Blue Onyx. Some junkie robbed it. By the time I tracked him down the drum was long gone. I bought two others of the same era-both of which I ended up selling. They were nice but my first one was magic.
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    Is this a first generation Tama Iron Cobra?

    I had one of those. Good pedal until it started making a clicking sound, which nothing seemed to alleviate. I was in a bad mood one day and when I heard the click, I smashed it against a cinder block wall. It never made any noise ever again.
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    Drummers today that still play large kits.

    Looking at some of these monster kits make me want to vomit, and are usually played by drummer's in bands I absolutely loathe. Dennis Chambers is a notable exception.