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    Beatles “White Album” tribute tour???

    Jason Scheff is terrible and makes me not want to see this.
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    Re cut bearing edges vs resale value

    If you recut the edges to the original profile, how would anyone know they were altered?
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    O T NBA Finals

    Kevin Durant has absolutely zero heart. He should be out there helping his team. His injury is not bad enough to keep him out. For christsakes, Willis Reed played in the finals with a thigh muscle that was torn nearly off the bone, so there is no excuse.
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    Really cheap drumheads and they sound.......good

    The China made Remo UT Pinstripes that originally came on the toms of my Pearl Wood-Fiberglass kit sounded phenomenal.
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    OT: Your Favorite Live Album?

    Donny Hathaway Live and Tower of Power Live and in Living Color are my faves. Live and in Living Color was originally to be a double LP, and I've got all the tracks they dropped from the initial album, in perfect fidelity.
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    OT: The Sax instead of guitar solo.

    Much rather hear a sax solo than some jerked-off Van Halen type crap.
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    Was the Late Johnny Hutch the Beatles' First Choice to Replace Pete Best?

    Shocked and stunned that this hasn't been mentioned...
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    18" kick....wasn't impressed.

    The bass drum is the foundation of any band's sound. If it can't be heard, then the other musicians are playing too loudly.
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    Inagoddadavida Had The First See Through Drum Set

    Ginger Baker had a set of green acrylic drums he made himself in the early 60s. The set was later owned by the drummer from the Bonzo Dog Doo Dah Band and was used on numerous TV appearances in the late 60s.
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    Gretsch Catalina Jazz Blue Satin Flame or Pacific Concept Classic Bop

    I've played both. The PDP's are definitely louder, but I don't think that is necessarily a good thing.
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    Hal Blaine Shuts up Bernard Purdy! ;) Good!

    If Purdie did indeed play on Beatles sessions, then they'd have to be later ones. Because when The Beatles cut their first album, Purdie had just started doing sessions, most of which were demo work. There's no way that they would fly the tapes over to the U.S. only to let an unproven drummer...
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    Paiste Sound Formula Dry Ride 20"

    Paiste 20" Sound Formula "Frankenlogo" Dry Ride cymbal, Swiss version, good condition, some stick marks and fingerprints-No cracks, keyholes, or flea bites. $130 shipped.
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    RIP Hal Blaine

    Nice video, but Hal didn't play on "The Monkees Theme." That was Billy Lewis, who drummed on most of the first two Monkees LPs. Hal only played on the Nesmith productions.
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    Drumming quirks, hangups

    I hate toms on a snare stand, and I hate bass drums without tom mounts. I hate the misuse/overuse of crash cymbals. I hate (with a few exceptions) wood tipped sticks. I hate non-traditional drum sizes. I hate people who crunch their potato chips. I hate people who slurp coffee. I hate people who...