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    ITT: Awful Sounding Drums that Make the Song

    I agree about Mitch's kits. Thin snare,no punch to the bass. But,could he play!
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    New Drumset day!!

    Love 15s,punchy,not ponderous! Jazzed for you!
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    New Drumset day!!

    Look great! Bet they sound great!
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    Acrolite/Supraphonic Question

    Glad you were able to find them! Both snares sit well with any kit. Never overpowers the set. Congrats!
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    The Myth of the Deep Bass Drum

    16" is deep enough for 20s or 22s
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    Anyone playing 8", 12", and 15" toms?

    12,15,22 Boomtheorys
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    2 Okies Make A Video

    Great to see ya in action,ES! Be looking for some more,man! I sold a Slingy kit for 300 and a bag of weed back then! Lol!
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    I hate micro kits.

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    What Heads For A PDP CX

    In a sense they are. DW kept a close watch.
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    What Heads For A PDP CX

    Well,ive decided to take them back to GC. Not the right bass size,no bass drum mount, beautiful but doesnt function for me. Bye bye PDPs
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    What Heads For A PDP CX

    GDE,you are absolutely correct,the bass is 24! Info given said 22,manager even said 22 as he took pics for me! The tom is flown off stand which on a 22 theres a bass drum mount,that i never questioned because i was of the understanding that it was. So,ill take a little hit there. The badge is...
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    Vintage COB 5” vs new BB 6.5

    The 6.5 is great!
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    Favorite weird or comical band.

    Ah,the Licketts! Sid Paige-badazz
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    What Heads For A PDP CX

    Thats what tripped my trigger,the 16 fltm. I'll probably use a 12,16,22 set up mostly.