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    The Biggest Rock Drumming Myths

    That's like saying Buddy is too "mellow and boring" if you only watched him play a few ballads with brushes and never heard anything else he ever played!
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    The Biggest Rock Drumming Myths

    Do yourself a favor and check out some of his Drum Cam footage on YouTube--especially Come Sail Away as well as various others and get back to me....CheckMate!!
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    The Biggest Rock Drumming Myths

    No doubt--he is a killer talent. To me he could out-chop Marco M, Thomas Lang or Mike Portnoy EASILY!
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    The Biggest Rock Drumming Myths

    That's.....kinda exactly what I just said....:>0
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    The Biggest Rock Drumming Myths

    I clearly stated that he MUST be getting the green light from the higher-ups, so may as well keep doing it...obviously somebody in charge approves--I'm just talking from a personal taste perspective. It's tough to say he DOESN'T overstuff every song with way-over-the-top fills. Todd is off the...
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    Who Is The Best Cymbal Player?

    Buddy and Louie!!
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    The Biggest Rock Drumming Myths

    Todd is easily one of the greatest drummers playing today--but imho he WAY OVERPLAYS the Styx material!! Just because you CAN doesn't mean you God it gets to be ridiculous after a few songs. He must be getting the green light from his bosses up above, so more power to him I suppose
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    Ranking Tom Petty's Drummers

    Stan 7 days a week and twice on Sunday! I have said this for years--no disrespect for Steve who is a wonderful MASTERFUL drummer for sure, but Stan just belongs in the Heartbreakers just like Liberty with BJ and Carlos and James Taylor. Even Gadd can't touch the feel Carlos had with James. Same...
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    Bands With More Than One Drummer

    Doobies had 2 drummers AND a percussionist just like the 90s version of the Allman Bros.
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    The Doors "Love Me Two Times" 1972

    Killer stuff!! They should release something live from the post-Jim era officially. They just kept getting better and better. Ships w/Sails is off the charts good!!
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    Evans hydraulic coated snare head

    I run a clear Hydraulic on my clear Vistalite snare and I LOVE it!! Tamed it just enough but still plenty of body and volume
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    Thinking about busking.

    Well...I kinda broached this same subject couple years back and got RIPPED for it!! Called all kind of names and basically told I was crazy for even Considering it!!! Proceed at your own risk--I was told by jerkoffs here that it was a "douch move"
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    Fiberglass drums

    How different sounding is Fibreglass vs Acrylic shells?? I would love to try FG but am waaaay to far down the acrylic road to be able to ever afford it...
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    Two shell banks instead of eight different kits?

    I own 6 different kits but could totally have 2 Banks if I combine my Vistalites and Crystal Beats for an acrylic bank, and my Pearl PTE concert toms which has all the tom sizes from 6 to 18 for a wood shell option.
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    Rock and Roll - Led Zeppelin

    Once I heard the JBG explanation it made perfect sense. I also FINALLY learned the exact proper way to play the (studio version) of the end-solo thanks to Bonzoleum.