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    Gigs From Hell

    Here's another one that was pretty nuts--in the fall of 1993 my (at-that-time) band agreed to do (for free, of course) a HUGE birthday party/blowout gig for our Band King's father-in-law. It was on a Sat afternoon (luckily) in the middle-of-freaking-nowhere. We drove waaaaay out in the country...
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    Any tips for tuning 12 and 13 toms?

    I would say get both drums tuned to where they sound the best to you in their optimal spot. If that is still too close try going SLIGHTLY higher on the 12 and lower on the 13. That should work for you. I usually run 2 floor toms but its usually 14/16 or 16/18, however, on the odd occasion I...
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    Drumming skills applied away from the drums

    Me too--I often need to use my left hand only to work certain tools around my farm or when working on my tractors/trucks/etc and it really comes in handy (even tho I am mainly right-handed)
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    Drumming skills applied away from the drums

    OMG!! I thought I was the only person who did this!! LOL
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    10 Most Important Developments in the History of the Modern Drum Kit

    No Concert Toms?? WTF???
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    When (and why) did the 8 inch tom fall out of favor??

    A few years back my (now-closed) local Mom and Pop had a set of Cannon Toms on the floor. 2 side-by-side 8s on 1 stand, except on was 6 inches deep and the other was 8 (both single-headed). They looked so cool I couldn't resist picking them up and I use them as timbales as well and they sound...
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    Ping-iest ride?

    I had posted almost the exact same question here a few years back. I'm like you--not big on washy rides--bring the Ping baby!! Anyway, I narrowed it down to a 22 Paragon and 21 Raw Bell Dry side by side at GC. Ended up taking home the RBDR because it was 50 bucks cheaper and a 22 wouldn't...
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    Ludwig Neusonic?

    Is the 2nd floor a Neusonic? it doesn't look to match the rest of the kit altho it coulf just be the lights.
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    When (and why) did the 8 inch tom fall out of favor??

    Well it just seemed to ne the "golden age" of bigger kits and almost always included an 8 somewhere in the mix. A few years back Ludwig was offering regular double-headed 8 and 10 in add-ons in the Accent series in a black wrap. I have an Accent kit 12/13/16/22 in black and ALMOST pulled the...
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    When (and why) did the 8 inch tom fall out of favor??

    I personally think FG hurt more drummers than he helped. I know this is OT, but NP was never the same (in a bad way) after studying with him...
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    When (and why) did the 8 inch tom fall out of favor??

    It seems like everyone had and used an 8 inch rack in the 70s and 80s (90s?), but it seems I have read thread after thread about how nobody uses (or even likes) an 8 in the mix anymore. I have never owned a true double-headed 8 (I do own a few as concert toms) so I personally can't speak to...
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    RIP Ginger Baker

    Tough to say much more than what has already been posted here, but to me personally, his drumming always sounded very "mature" and extremely well "organized/thought-out". It's very difficult for me to put it into actual words--his playing just gave me a feeling of a TOTAL Pro in COMPLETE...
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    Band Member Dust Ups

    I've definately been in band where I WANTED to kick someone's azz!! LOL!! But anyway, in 2008 I was in a fantastic Rock/Modern Country band that was doing well as a 4 piece but the rest of the band (NOT me) insisted on adding a 5th member. So we get this guy who mainly played pedal steel but...
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    Gigs From Hell

    Wow! So many incredible stories...not sure if mine measure up but here goes-- --Waaay back when I first started playing (this was 1987) I was in a old-timey (mostly) country band with guys at least 30 years older than me and they all liked their beer. So we were booked for a 7(!) hour day-long...
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    John Siomos's drums are alive once again

    How did it SOUND?? Old school modern??