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    "You left something in your cart"

    I blocked the Sweetwater guy. Really annoying. Once, I got a call about 10 minutes after being on the site - kinda creeped me out. PS: I called on an item once and left my call back number with the salesman. I never entered it on the website that I remember. I am going over now to check. Mike B
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    Music Book Binding

    Agreed... I just bought probably my 5th or 6th copy of Syncopation - and actually found a spiral copy! ;) Mike B
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    What would you do?

    Sounds like you would be better served by speaking to your wife, and not us. In fact... counseling might be in your future. With you and her being this far apart on a major life decision - nothing good will come without some serious work on your relationship. Mike B
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    Nicole Glover, Holy Mackerel!!!

    Yes! My comment is the newest, it IS ALIVE!
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    Nicole Glover, Holy Mackerel!!!

    She has renewed my faith that Jazz is alive. When Wayne Shorter himself shares "new music" on facebook, and it's usually Nicole - that made me know something was up with her. Bravo!! This a pure trio setting. She shines. Mike B
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    I'll just move that Canopus outta my way

    That's exactly why I posted it. Mike B
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    I'll just move that Canopus outta my way

    Mike B
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    Well the cat approves...

    Snare is cool, but the cat is awesome. Mike B
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    Property From The Gretsch Family Archives auction

    Looking through the pics, I saw this and was going to post it here, too. LOL ya beat me to it. Some "interesting" stuff in that auction. Mike B
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    These brushes are kicking my butt

    Yeah, this is a great video. I immediately incorporated some of this to my brush playing. (I thought I was already, but...) Mike B
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    Bring on the funk!

    I somehow saw this before, (Pointer Sisters) and enjoyed as if I hadn't. GREAT stuff. Mike B
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    1/2011 Mike B
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    Did anyone catch the SNL musical guest last week

    It's obvious when someone is trying too hard to be cool/hip/edgy. This was too contrived to be anything other than sophomoric. Sorry. Mike B
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    Afraid to practice because people might hear me

    Think about it this way - even Neil Peart (insert favorite drummer name) would be annoying to any neighbor who didn't want to hear drums fromthe neighbor's house. Do your best to control the volume. Mike B
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    Which Famous Musician Would You Bring Back To Life?

    Will he (or she) be all smelly and zombie-dead? Or like just "back to life"? If the latter, how long can he/she stay until the history of the world is irrevocably altered? Mike B