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    Any stick-shift drivers in the forums?

    Yep, my daily ('16 Impreza) and my fun car ('09 Mustang) both manual trans. It keeps anyone else in the house from driving them. ;) Mike B PS: can be a pain in the butt in stop-and-go traffic, though!
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    Why I DON'T Miss Playing Live

    Same. I don't think he would have fared well on the NYC scene in the 90's, LOL. Mike B
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    Do you tighten all lugs & hardware new drums?

    Snug them back up, they'll get loose with use. Don't over tighten, though - can crush the plies with too much pressure. Mike B
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    Rims for vintage Gretsch restoration project

    Why not buy new Gretsch? Mike B
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    Lightly used drumheads - Remo (also Gretsch Permatone, Yamaha-labeled), Aquarian, etc

    Interested in 10/12/14 Gretsch Broadkaster heads. PM me. Wondering which BK logo. Thanks! Mike B
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    Mitch Mitchell Ludwig J.H.Exp REPLICA Drums (1967/68/69)

    Darn, beat me to it. GREAT JOB on these kits!! Mike B
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    Gretsch foul up qc funny story

    5 minute fix. Remove 4 screws on each spur base. (Shouldn't have to, but...) Mike B
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    22” Istanbul Agop Traditional Jazz Ride (2350g)

    My 21" Mel is my favorite of MANY cymbals. May need to buy another. Mike B
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    What Movies Used a Wrong-Period Drum Set? Add Your Favorites

    Chico was! ;-) Mike B
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    Victor Lewis, live now.

    Yup, that's the house kit. Mike B
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    KISS Creatures of the Night: the new beginning of KISS?

    Flop or not, I LOVE Music from the Elder ! One of my faves!! Mike B
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    Victor Lewis, live now.

    Mike B
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    Satin Flame cleaner?

    I'd just make sure it was clean, (no debris or other goop) like I mentioned above with warm water and soap... then assemble and enjoy. They look good to me! (Go a little extra on the chrome to really make it pop) Mike B
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    Satin Flame cleaner?

    Always start as mild as possible. I'd try some warm soapy water on an old washcloth. Mike B
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    90s Gretsch Broadkaster hoops

    Do you need 10 hole hoops? Mike B