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    Lacquer or leave my copper snare

    My 6.5" hammered bronze Ludwig has some discoloration/patina under the clear coat in a few spots from being sweated on while it was slogged all over NYC in the 90's and early 2k's. It's still super clean, and in great shape, and I like the look. It's a reminder of what it has been through. If...
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    Random - Can anyone compare Gretsch Brooklyn to Canopus RFM?

    If you'd like to see a Canopus kit sing with loads of different drummers, check out youtube smallslive.com. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCjWjwD6aDJ-s8p-k-gy-vGA Mike B
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    Jazz comping - How important it is to practice in 4 or 8 bars phrases?

    Just learning to play phrases in 4 or 8 isn't enough. You'll need to learn to phrase your parts musically in the constraints of the tune(s). Just "fitting cool stuff in" always made me feel lost when I first started and still does occasionally if I get too silly. Learning to phrase musical...
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    Gene Krupa Taught Peter Criss Drums! Krupa, The Catman and Rich!

    Were you there, too? I sat in the upper part of the first "S" in the giant logo. Mike B
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    Inquiry: Art Pepper with Elvin at the Vanguard - Thumbs Up or Down?

    Same here. Only issue is the thousands of CD's I will leave for my family when I depart. M
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    Inquiry: Art Pepper with Elvin at the Vanguard - Thumbs Up or Down?

    I have them all and will give a hearty "thumbs up". Elvin is in great form. I am a Pepper fan, too. Mike B
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    OT: any cooks in the house?

    Yep, I love to cook. Of Italian and Sicilian descent, and love Indian food. Lotsa flavor and oomph in my dishes. ;) Mike B
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    first concerts of my own Jazz Quartett (3rd video online)

    I like this! I'll come back and check it out again. I hit subscribe on YT. Mike B
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    Jazz comping, what does he play here?

    That was a pleasure compared to LP's LOL Mike B
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    Vintage Remo bop drums ***SOLD***

    Oh, I'm sorry. Was PMing Crash for the tom arms. GLWS!! Mike B
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    Vintage Remo bop drums ***SOLD***

    PM sent, I'll take 'em! (I repurposed them on one of the first ever Precision Drum kits. Keeping spares is good!) Mike B
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    Jazz comping, what does he play here?

    Half speed??? Video??? How much better is that than the old days of slowing the LP down and dropping the needle OVER AND OVER?? Lucky you darn kids got it easy, LOL Mike B
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    Who says you can't sound like yourself on a backline kit??

    I'd love if folks stopped "photoshopping" and "colorizing" pictures and videos that should be left alone. Mike B
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    Let's See Those Bop Kits

    Here's a couple of 10/12/14/18 kits. Mike B
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    Any stick-shift drivers in the forums?

    Yep, my daily ('16 Impreza) and my fun car ('09 Mustang) both manual trans. It keeps anyone else in the house from driving them. ;) Mike B PS: can be a pain in the butt in stop-and-go traffic, though!