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    Is this a scam

    I have never seen those lugs on a dw set???
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    A&F at GC - update

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    A&F at GC - update

    I don't get the attraction of these drums. Ratrod drums?
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    Carter McLean's brand-new Ludwig kit

    Gotta love trad. sizes making a comeback!
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    "Sing, Sing, Sing" on calfskin Radio Kings

    My opinion, but calf is what made all those bad bearing edges and roughly constructed drums sound great. The tone qualities of calf are in my experience are far superior to plastic. The best combo I’ve ever heard was a WFL ( maybe Lud and lud….dont remember which but Zephyr lugs.)set with...
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    Taylor Swift makes history as she takes over the entire US top 10

    Ill give her the respect for cracking the code on a business that is damn near impossible to make real money at. That being said she writes for 13 year old kids and its just too drippy for me. I like meat and potatoe rock and roll. Give me Pat Travers or Montrose any day.
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    Wolfgang VanHalen and Mammoth

    I was shocked when I saw Wolfie performing with the crews at the Taylor Hawkings tribute shows. That kid knows his fathers songs note for note. I have seen literally dozens of bands covering Eddie Van Halen and no one I have ever seen comes close to Wolfgangs playing. Now, couple that with his...
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    Source for large sheets of sandpaper?

    At a kitchen countertop fabricating shop.
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    How do you charge for teaching an elephant drums?

    Sorry about the link guys. It was an elephant that was playing a bass drum with his trunk. Guy was teaching him and the elephant seemed to be getting it.
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    How do you charge for teaching an elephant drums?

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    N&C chrome issues

    Dealing with an issue like this overseas is nothing short of a nightmare. You dont just order replacements and have them in a few days. The batch is flawed. That STOPS production or do they send them out with bad rims? This will take months to fix at the source to make the OP whole again. In...
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    What era / model is this Yamaha set

    Those are 1st generation Stage series. Early 80's late 70's Really great drums. I used some of those on a backline set a few years ago and they were outstanding. The lug is a little unusual, but they grow on you.
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    Source for large sheets of sandpaper?

    Go find a woodshop that has a Timesaver widebelt sander and buy a used belt or source a new one. There are many places set up just for abrasives sales.
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    Wanted: Vintage Zildjian 14" OR 15" Hi Hat Top

    Ive got a 15" top 898 grams. Pm me if interested.
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    N&C chrome issues

    It is a plating issue. I bought 10 new flat imperials with the same issue. They were all that way.