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    McCartney 3,2,1 (on Hulu)

    I'm really impressed with how complex the bass playing is when they isolate or emphasize it. He had a lot going on.
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    So kick this idea around... THE DFO COVER CONTRIBUTION

    I like this idea. I would not be able to record but I would like to watch and comment.
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    Black Panther with mod finish under

    Maybe strip them on a diagonal and leave 1/2 panther and 1/2 citrus; preserving both nd neither at the same time- could look cool
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    Hindadoon, I bought the 65 wmp rogers set from you a while back. Circumstances may force me to...

    Hindadoon, I bought the 65 wmp rogers set from you a while back. Circumstances may force me to sell. I'm fighting it you happen to have the description you used? i would want to be accurate in describing it. thanks, Mark (skywkr)
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    Advice on building drum riser for studio

    I built a riser for my basement to keep the drums out of flooding basements. I bought several resin pallets ( Actually, I bought a six pack of them cause it was cheaper. Then I cut two of them in half and bought to4x8 sheets of fiberboard and laid them on top---it was easy
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    My John Bonham Groom's Cake

    I think a rewrap is in order
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    Drum riser question

    I bought two plastic molded pallets from Uline and cut plywood to fit on top; it's only about 4 inches high and very strong
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    OT: How to dance

    I hope the move you pull at family events isn't removing your shirt
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    Need name for a wedding band

    Friends of the Family
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    Is this a scam?

    Thanks everyone. My guess is scam and I won't respond but it had a enough details and the willingness to talk that I questioned it. I want to sell them but...
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    Is this a scam?

    I received this in response to an ad: Hello. I saw y our craigslist ad for your Roland Drum set and I was interested. Are you negotiable on the price of these electronic drums? If we can agree on a price would you entertain the idea of shipping these to me if I paid you with paypal? I have a...
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    OT - Sleep Apnea -- UPDATE on page 2

    I use a CPAP. I tried a dental appliance and it hurt my jaw. I have been on the CPAP for 15 years. I love it! I had gastric bypass surgery and lost 80 lbs and stopped snoring but I still use the machine because i sleep better with it. My doctor said even if you stop snoring, you still may...
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    Rogers blue onyx kit w/24" kick

    Excuse my ignorance but the close up of the tom looks like the finish may have a clear coat over it. Doesn't it look too shiny and wavy?
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    electronic help in the northern Chicago area

    thanks guys. i knew that would be the answer but i am lazy and when i read those instructions my eyes glaze over...
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    electronic help in the northern Chicago area

    I play a td-12 kit and am a complete moron when it come to fiddling with it. I love it but i think its supposed to do it all for me :). Anyway, I want to add a vexepressions pack. Somehow, there already is one on there but i cant remember how it got there. Anybody in the north chicago...