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    WTB: Zildjian 16" K Dark Thin Crash *FOUND!*

    I've got an 80's era 16" A. Zildjian brilliant thin crash that sounds amazing if you're interested
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    13" Zildjian K Light Hi-hats

    I've got a pair of 13" vintage A. Zildjians if your interested
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    WTB: Zildjian A Custom 18" Crash - 1990's

    I've got 1 if your still interested
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    Wanted to Buy: A Zildjian 20" Swish

    I have a 70's clear logo 20" signed & played by Harvey Mason if you or anyone else is interested
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    Downbeat snare drum

    OK - If you WTB a WMP Downbeat. I got one for Sale.
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    Downbeat snare drum

    What does WTB refer too ?
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    Downbeat snare drum

    Today's your lucky day.
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    HHX dry ride or K dry

    i have a 20 K. Custom Zildjian Dry Ride
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    Natural Finish

    THE MYTH of STRIPPING DRUMS is it's easy; IT'S NOT ! It's A Lot of work. Take Your Time & Don't rush the process. Be Careful with your edges as you work on the drum. If you hear any ripping sounds STOP immediately. You do not want to remove wood. Use a flexible putty knife to pry the seam...
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    Donald Lindley

    I was Donald Lindley's Drum Tech in L.A. for the following bands: Rosie Flores, The Bull Duram Band, Lucinda Williams, Jim Lauderdale, Marvin Etzioni, James Intveld, John Fogerty & The Boneshakers (which I had the pleasure to "cover the 1st set" for once). He had quite a good run, deservingly...
  11. Pearl 22" Maple - Walnut Finish ( Ray Charles / Count Basie )

    Pearl 22" Maple - Walnut Finish ( Ray Charles / Count Basie )

    Own a piece of history; This drum was formerly played w/ Count Basie & Ray Charles by Drummer Gregg Field Double Tom Mount - NO arms Case included Great for any Basie, Ray Charles or Jazz collector Can be signed Best Offer
  12. 'THE doors' 20" Drum Head

    'THE doors' 20" Drum Head

    Remo Smooth White w/ Densmore Font Mic Hole Exact Reproduction Played by Peace Frog Drummer Best Offer
  13. 14" R.I.M.S. - Black

    14" R.I.M.S. - Black

    $75 OBO - No Tom Mount
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    Need Some Thermo Gloss Help

    These have NO Re-Rings thus they are NOT '68. '70-'71 at the oldest.
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    Need Some Thermo Gloss Help

    I would have to believe if a guy special-ordered a set w/ NO mounts & bongos in Natural finish he must have gotten the 14" floor