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    Wanted 77 to 79 12" Blackrome Tom.

    Looking for this tom any condition as long it is all original. Only made 3 years. So 12" Blackrome or Black chrome. please let me know.
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    1965 Champagne Sparkle Pioneer

    I like the color. Fun buying old drums. when you done with them do a resale on them. Enjoy.
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    Potential Rogers deal, inputs appreciated

    I my self are in your shoes. But if you can live with the way it is go for it. Can always update later on. then you will be truly happy with it. Just make sure you do not go much over market price for resale when you are done with them.
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    What's the Best Album by a Drummer?

    For me it is Buddy Rich my mentor in life.He was not the easiest person to satisfy. These to Lp`s always where my favorites. Recorded live at the Chezzz in L.A. The man was a freak of nature. As for a second Levon Helm. He did real good singing and playing drums. I thinks this takes talent.
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    Time for your Office Pics! It's been a while.

    I do not think that is a beater kit looks good to me. Do you have a 12" to go with that.
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    Another Maxwells treasure WOW

    Very cool would like to know what that elliptical bass sounds like?
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    Another Flash Back

    wflkurt: Thanks for the post. I have that L.P. some where in a box. I will have to dig it out. I guess Ron was a good drummer.
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    Another Flash Back

    I can not make out the make of these drums. I know they are concert Toms and bass but the mounting is throwing me off.
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    Another Flash Back

    I was in the store and walking around and saw a bargain bin $5.00 and I saw Iron Butterfly C.D. / Title cut In.A. Gadda.Da. Vida. Man did this bring it back. I think I wore this L P out trying to copy the drum solo. Does any one no what make of drums Ron Bushy used. I know they had that famous...
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    My God.... what have I done.

    Tmcfour I belive my first is a Camco set. Can post the only pick I have later. And being real trendy aluminum tube with plastic tips for sticks.:headbang: I was about 10 in 63 or so.
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    I finaly found my Blackrome tom But:

    what is your thought on $$$$
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    I finaly found my Blackrome tom But:

    I think it would be a low offer because of the added expense of the lugs hoops and bolts. But not sure if I would like to drill in these.?
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    I finaly found my Blackrome tom But:

    Sorry I am looking for non Concert toms. They look nice though.
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    Maxwell’s Timecapsule Rogers

    Thanks for the post. Some one is going to be lucky owner. I hope they enjoy them. A real classic.
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    Just came in the Mail: 5:41pm

    I received my book in the mail. Looking forward to some good reading. As you can see many pages to read and learn about one of my favorite American made drums. I hope you enjoy the post.