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    Drum kits that just don't sell

    God they're so ugly.... good point.
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    Gretsch returns with traditional round badge

    That's what I think of when I think of MODERN Gretsch drums. I feel like the Round Badge era Gretsch drums are special. They have something different than todays Gretsch drums. The shells were made by Jasper, not Keller. They are a tad thinner than the modern shells, and they sound warmer. I...
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    DW jazz series

    I have nothing against DW. The sound of their top of the line drums has never been my cup of tea and they are very expensive. For the money, or for far less, I would recommend the real deal: vintage Gretsch or any used (or new) USA customs. After all, as others have stated, they are the model...
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    Any Gretsch Broadkaster players out there?

    Thanks again for the info Tommy. I was in a similar boat with wanting to go back to the shallower bass drum size. I am primarily a jazz player, have been on the local scene in san francisco for close to 15 years. For years I used a 20" bass drum and then the usa maple kit i had had an 18x16 bass...
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    Any Gretsch Broadkaster players out there?

    Very cool
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    Any Gretsch Broadkaster players out there?

    Thanks again Tommy! I wonder, where did you acquire so much inside Gretsch info? Word of mouth? Is there a good online source or book to read? I'm interested. The drums I had were called USA Maples. They were the slightly less expensive custom built drums featuring the classic shells made...
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    Any Gretsch Broadkaster players out there?

    Not quite as expensive as a used set of USA's! In my opinion, yes, they are. I think they are a great value and they sound amazing.
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    Any Gretsch Broadkaster players out there?

    Thanks for the info. I've heard some of those points from another person here, about the reason for the gunmetal, etc. Well, in my opinion, these drums DO sound different than the USA customs I used to have. Just a tad warmer and more resonant. When I took the heads off these Broadkasters, the...
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    Any Gretsch Broadkaster players out there?

    I recently scored this Gretsch Broadkaster bop set and am loving their sound. VERY melodious and resonant. I had a Gretsch kit from the 70's in bigger sizes that I sold (sadly) so I could find something in smaller sizes, (I mostly play jazz). So far, I feel like these drums compare really well...
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    ......... DRUM PORN .........

    My new Broadkasters. I wasn't sure if I was going to dig their look but a I really do! Hope you all do to... the snare is a 1964 Round Badge, my baby.
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    DW jazz series vs gretsch usa custom

    I agree completely.
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    remember the $5000 gretsch 18" on ebay?

    Dude, yes. And, by the way.. yes!
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    Kit choices...Yamaha, Ludwig, DW

    My very favorite drums for playing rock, blues, funk, pop, (or anything else), would be a vintage set of Ludwigs. In my opinion, new Ludwigs don't have anywhere near the same warmth and mojo. You can find a used Luddy kit from the 60's and 70's for not too much $$. For jazz, I prefer Gretsch...
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    DW jazz series vs gretsch usa custom

    There's also something about the melodious resonance and instant response of Gretsch. I've heard other Gretsch knock-offs that are close but not quite as musical, in a way. Perhaps the silver sealer plays into this? Not sure. After playing these Broadkasters on a gig tonight, I realize that it...
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    DW jazz series vs gretsch usa custom

    Gretsch RB are the real deal and I recommend them without hesitation if you can afford them. I have never had issues with old Gretsch hardware, matter of fact, I prefer it. It's durable, much lighter weight and just fine for me. The reason I recommended checking out yamaha absolute maple is...