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    I wore out all my Bruford albums...

    Hell of a band! I remember when I was 14 or so, just getting started on drums, I found the "Feels Good To Me" LP in a second hand store. I thought - hey, the drummer fom Yes, that ought to be good. Boy, was it ever! That album also introduced me to Kenny Wheeler who became another favourite...
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    Gary Burton - Vibraphonist

    Like? I LOVE him. "Easy As Pie" is a desert island album for me - great compositions and wonderful playing. Although "Times Square" is a very close second. Or "The New Quartet"? Heck, almost forgot about "Hotel Hello"! So much good stuff...
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    The Greatest Prog Drummers of All Time (No, He's Not No. 1)

    Bruford Nr. 1? Cool! I never thought I´d ever agree with one of these rankings. Oh come on...
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    Sabian Cymbals you wish they'd make or make again

    Since I visited this thread for the first time I´ve gotten my hands on (and immediately bought) a 16" AAX Dark Crash - now I know what the fuss is all about. These are great! Also came across a HH Classic Ride - another lovely cymbal. Everybody picks on Paiste for constantly discontinuing...
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    SERIOUSLY, Just How Big Do You REALLY Want To Be???

    Beats me. I just bought an 18" Paiste SCDR so I´m probably the wrong person to ask. :-D
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    Good to see a female jazz drummer, loving what she does

    Very cool! She sure looks like she hit the jackpot with her career choice (and she probably did). Love how worn her sticks are. Her focus obviously is on the music, not on gear. I, however, want a Natal Hammered Bronze snare now. :drunken:
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    Ringo on Stephen Colbert

    How can you not love this guy... his enthusiasm is contagious.
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    Never a Sabian fan, but the newest flat offering sounds nice

    Ooh, delicious indeed. Never been a Weckl fan, but I really like the cymbals he designed with Sabian. This one should be good! BTW, tried the Royalty Flat Ride today (the Chick Corea/Roy Haynes tribute cymbal) - very nice indeed but really (REALLY) quiet and rather one-dimensional. Not for me...
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    Sakae hi hat stand from DCP - am I wrong?

    That stand is not as it should be and classifies as defective IMHO. So the "no returns for reduced items"-policy should not apply here. You´re not being picky - I wouldn´t accept this either.
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    Looking for low snare drum stand

    That Tama ^^ is a good choice, as is the Sonor XS 2000 series. Both are double-braced but then again a 14x8 isn´t a featherweight either. Extra light option: Tama Classic Series. Goes as low as the other two. Great stand!
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    Timo Lassy & Teppo Mäkynen (two legend of the Finnish Jazz Scene)

    Excellent, thanks! Never heard of those guys...
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    Mini/micro/pocket kits; whatcha got? What do you like?

    Pearl Midtown here - never heard about wrap problems, and mine is perfect in every way. Great kit, very versatile, sounds good in high and low tunings. Would buy again! That said, I mostly play a bikini kit these days - snare and a Pearl Export 13x11 tom that I converted to a bass drum. And I...
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    Silent drum film shot by Peter Erskine when he was in high school

    Great job. I do think the sound is too polished though - not what the drums would sound like in that room. If the drums sounded as rough as you´d expect from a vintage amateur film the illusion would be perfect. But maybe that wasn´t the goal.
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    What is the Best Sounding Steel Snare

    Absolutely. Also you can´t go wrong with a Pearl Sensitone. Amazing drums.
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    For all you Vinnie fans out there…

    Understatement of the day. :-) Loved that, thank you. Those drums and cymbals sound terriffic. (Of course it´s Vinnie who sounds terrific, but those instruments are just wonderful.)