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    …”a bass drum, a snare, and a cymbal”…

    I have played this way a bunch but used hi-hats as my only “cymbal”. It is just so much more versatile without adding any more footprint. Right Hat choice gives you crash, ride, slosh and chick. I have a 20” K jazz ride that is great for a crash ride combo. It has an amazing bell on it.
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    Shopping in a "Real" Drum Shop

    We just did a big road trip and ended up at a soul food place in Memphis. Turns out Memphis Drum Shop was right next door. They were closed. Did get to go to Forks Drum Closet in Nashville and they were great. It was busy and Halloween and they were closing early. Still got a bunch of help with...
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    Head choices for acrylic fibes toms?

    Aquarian Studio X clear are fun. Clear single ply with a very subtle dampening ring that helps take out some overtones. I like them on my JM fiberglass kit.
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    Buyers/Sellers Feedback thread for member references (consolidated)

    Bought some 16” Mehmet hi-hats from shiek_yerbouti. Great transaction with fast shipping and impeccable packing.
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    If you hear a Beatles song in the background, it is easy to write off the drumming as simple and easy. Not hard to get the rough idea at all. But if you really listen and try and replicate exactly what is being played and with the same feel it becomes very difficult. Comparing Zak to Ringo is...
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    Gig pay

    A small detail that seems to be getting talked around is it is a 15 piece band. They are being paid almost $4000 for the night. If I am understanding right, that doesn’t seem like terribly low pay, just needing to be split too many ways.
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    Sentimental value of gear!

    I have the Acrolite I carried to elementary school, with case and stand. That probably isn’t going anywhere. Other than that I like trying new sounds and can’t / don’t want to keep it all.
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    Premier coming back to the US!

    I have a friend with a pristine set of Resonators. I want to like them sooo bad. Big Moon fan, closet Premier fan and lover of most odd ideas that could make sense. I couldn’t get them to sound good. Not bad but as said earlier my cheap XPKs sounded much better to my ears. Odds are against...
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    I hope you're happy...

    God knows I’m not normal but I really like the 12 point idea. Modern mountain bikes are switching over, our Sprinter van has a lot of 12 points on it. Once you have the tools the fasteners are way nicer.
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    Premier coming back to the US!

    I bought this black hammered brass snare off of eBay on their last foray over here. I don’t remember if it was from a distributor or private party but it was new in the sealed box for $250. It is an amazing sounding drum. My 6.5x14 Super Sensitive used to be my go to metal drum. Haven’t used it...
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    Top Fired Drummers

    Scott Rockenfield fired from Queensryche.
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    Finally found a Camco

    Those are stunning! I have never messed with a set. I do stop into Revival pretty much anytime I go into Portland. Great shop with great people.
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    Premier APK line

    I wonder why people are confused?! I had a set of XPKs in black with the grain showing. Picked them up in boxes all disassembled for $150. They were very nice drums. Could easily play them out with no one noticing they were cheap.
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    Got my first proper gig - any tips?!

    Have fun and just know that if you haven’t played out much mistakes will happen. Flow with them, even have fun with them if they are big enough. Take the crowd on the journey with you. I love long shows.
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    Did we mention that starting a drum company is hard?

    I love the rods! Bikes are moving to 12 point fasteners, a lot of cars are using more and more 12 point fasteners, it is not impossible for an industry to see an improvement and head that way. The change over is weird, realizing you need some new tools, but far from impossible. I am a designer...