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    Cadillac Green 13x9 Gretsch tom

    I may have what you're looking for (AND MORE!)
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    Vistalite "Clone"

    Had you ever considered having the 14" floor tom with a 16" depth? Aesthetic to the 16x16 and just that much more bottom.
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    OT: Knee replacement surgery tomorrow

    If this one doesn't go as planned, you still have your dashingly handsome good looks. Break a leg!
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    UPDATE: Radio King snare acquisition & advice

    I can help out with the lugs
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    60s Gretsch Help-60s Snare? Round Badge

    The stampings were likely done at the Gretsch factory as they filled the order for the school. The font style is reminiscent of other stampings I've seen over the years (similar to the stampings on the military issue drums).
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    So, what have I got here y’all? Hint: Gretsch RB 14x6.5

    What are these worth?
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    The last of the GOATs

    Alex Van Halen
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    Sad news, Jim Petty has died.

    Jim Petty was an integral part of the vintage drums community for what seemed like forever. He was a craftsman, a collector and possessed a plethora of vintage drum knowledge. He was a very passionate American as well and stood his ground on many political issues that he believed in. Many in...
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    How heavy is too heavy for a tom mount on a cymbal stand?

    When the stand collapses like when a fat kid sits on a 3-legged chair, then it's too heavy. Until then you're good to go!
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    Rogers early 60s COB Powertone BNB lugs crimped beds

    If I'm not mistaken, they were shells supplied by Gretsch
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    "Ah Leah!" Donnie Iris

    was the model in this video the same person as one of the models in Van Halen's "Hot for Teacher"?
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    What sad stories stand out to you regarding musicians/musical industry?

    October 6th, 2020 the day Eddie Van Halen passed away
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    Kinda O.T.: How hard is it to sell romantic angst past a certain age

    If singing about one's "wet ass pussy" can rocket to the top of the charts, I'd say you have a good shot at something popular.
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    Drummers that you like but don't get enough credit ?

    used to see Twisted Sister before they were famous on Long Island. Late 70s. They'd open for The Good Rats then headline a few years later.