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    Acoustic or electric. Help me decide!

    Another option. Buy the best e-drum set you can afford. Then buy a heap second hand acoustic kit. Spare the wife and kids the hours upon hours of building your skills, then spend time on the acoustic to refine your touch. When it comes time to gig, upgrade the acoustic and treat yourself to...
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    Went to the dark side (Sabian)

    I had always dismissed Sabian cymbals. No reason, just passed them by. I have a few now I really, really like. The 24" HH King ride and a set of 14 HH Vanguard hats. I plan to add a couple of Sabian HH or HHX crashes to complete the set.
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    1964 Slingerland white satin flame pearl set

    Nice kit, looks very clean. I'm a big fan. If I had room I would add another kit. BTW, I paid more than that for my kit with no snare... Someone is going to get a smokin deal.
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    Maybe a different type of video than what is typically posted here. "Crossing" is a drum duet thats supposed to mimic a railroad crossing.

    Wow is right... I also want to know about the soap-on-a-rope thing. Yeah... wow!
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    Share Your Favorite Modern Ride(s)

    my latest fascination... HH King ride from Sabian
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    Got bit by the Gretsch bug...

    Nice x3
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    Most Offhanded Compliment

    Not a compliment per se, but (as a guitar player) I was watching Clapton on the tv and my my 3-4 year old daughter walked by. I stopped her and said "hey watch this guy". She watches for a moment and says, "Hey that's the same stuff you play right?" Proud papa here said "yep it sure is". She...
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    Good weeks here. New toys, questions and of course pics.

    Thnx you two. Those original wires, how many strands, do you recall?
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    Good weeks here. New toys, questions and of course pics.

    Got a couple of new goodies this week. A pair of Sabian 14" Vanguard hi-hats. I've been eyeing these for a while. I found a great deal on a NAMM display pair at my local drum shop. I couldn't resist. Shout out to Bentley's in Fresno! I also found a 60s Slingerland snare to match my sparkling...
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    Playing the long game....or good things come to those who wait.

    Love love love the red sparkle...
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    1970s Steel or COB Slingerland, Which is it?

    We must have posted at the same time. See mine above. I began to see it was not as advertised... Thnx for the additional info
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    1970s Steel or COB Slingerland, Which is it?

    Looking at the badge again, I'm thinking HSS or Gibson era and not 70s as described. I know nothing about those drums... If you do, chime in. Otherwise sorry for the false start.
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    1970s Steel or COB Slingerland, Which is it?

    Just looking around and I see this. If it's mislabeled it's a good deal. I think it is... I'm guessing COB but couldn't find this particular set of feature (or lack of) in the catalogs. I'm not interested in a 6.5" (or 7") snare and I just bought a wood Slingerland so I'm passing this along...
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    Best vintage set for the buck!?

    Uhhh, yeah. Um, Slingerlands suck. Nobody should buy those. Sound like poop. BTW if anyone sees a really nice looking set just forward that listing to me. I'm not buying... just want to look at how horrible they are. Yeah horrible, that's it. Horrible, just looking at them that's all...