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    1979 Hammered Bronze Supra *SOLD*

    pm sent
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    1979 Hammered Bronze Supra *SOLD*

    call me 510 688 4702 im steve
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    Odds and Sods-SOLD!

    Mr shuffle can I get pics on lugs? plz to ANY pitting on any lugs?? guess is the major ? thx and have healthy prosperous New Yr ...Steve
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    ludwig stainless steel kit 24/18/14---SOLD

    keep me posted If ur deal falls thru? steve 510 688 4702 I can pay immedaitely BTW would want to talk to ya a bit 1st tho best 2 u ....
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    DW Collectors Series Joe Morello Drumset 4 piece. SOLD!!!

    saweet! joe was INCREDIBLE drummer!
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    Hello ... Im Steve aka STARCRAFTdrumz just takin a minute to say "Hello" & God Blzz U N urz! IF ya ever see sumtin I got on feeBay plz contact me at
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    Tommy Lee 2011 drum solo on roller coaster

    Toooooo Koooool! Buddy did it ALL! Kudos to the man put that video together!
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    newbie?? Happy 4th REDD white & blue

    Anywaze Drum Bros. Im steve/STARCRAFTdrumz yes Im on eBay a bit IFya seeanything on ebay plz contact me thru DFO IM SOOOO fed up w/ eBay fee$ and now they are going up again! arrrghhh happy 4th one and all
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    Drummin BROS USA

    Sorry Scotty that kit now resides in the Greek Isles at some studio their! Thx 4 askin sorry took a minute to get bak sometimes alotta times wish I had web double...LOL
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    Drummin BROS USA

    Drummin Bros, some of ya know me some of ya dont...anyways glad to see the up & runnin!~CHK it out... Im Steve/Starcraftdrumz....IF any of you see anything eBay you like PLZ contact me. let me know ur DFO drum bros. I have refz.. If ya needem...My FB on eBay tells it ALL...."I hope...