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    Mr. Bun E. Carlos

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    Paging Slingerland Experts

    Yep as others say Premier.
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    The story of a 1962/63 Rogers Black Onyx set.

    I have several sets from the 60’s with all the original heads.
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    Pink Oyster Trans Badge Kit

    Full of vintage drums and cymbals. It’s very charming. Kinda like walking into a general store from the turn of century but full of drums. It’s not a small store but it has an immense inventory for the amount of floor space, Charlie knows how to organize.
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    Pink Oyster Trans Badge Kit

    They are correct. There is another set on Reverb identity other than it has a Down Beat rather than a Jazz Fest and the price is more than double than the one at Badges.
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    Sold: Leedy Snare Drum(s)

    I am not saying it’s not original but I am saying the SlingerLeedy duco has a Rogers throw off, new to me.
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    OT: Significant other thinks Sweetwater started skimping on the candy

    I mentioned this thread to my rep. I put a $200 head/parts order in and it had 4 bags of candy in it, got it in 2 days as usual.
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    Gretsch Geeys

    Geeks I meant. Finally went thru.
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    Gretsch Geeys

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    Gretsch Geeys

    Yep pics won’t go.
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    Gretsch Geeys

    Pic will not load. Never mind
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    Gretsch Geeys

    Sorting parts and never noticed the variation. I would assume the one on the right is slightly older? Just a guess.
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    Help with info on this Kent kit

    Nice drums. Badges in Mason Ohio has an Eight lug BDP snare for sale. Definitely different color.
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    OT It's almost September; time to talk about the baseball postseason

    Garterbelts is what I tell a hardcore Indians fan buddy of mine, he just shakes his head.