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    Jeff Porcaro tuning tips

    You CAN get a tight snare quite deep with some simple EQ. Try boosting 250-300 ad that should add weight to the sound
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    Jeff Porcaro tuning tips

    You CAN get a tight snare quite deep with some simple EQ. Try boosting 250-300 and that should add weight to the sound.
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    RemO's Tone Control Rings - who uses them?

    I never felt I needed to take that much of the natural sound out...except on the snare on a really wet recording. I still use masking tape and napkins or some tape loops along near the edge. I want the drum to sound out. If you're ever in that set of circumstances roll out some 650 to 800...
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    Jeff Porcaro tuning tips

    I just use a 2" wide cut out from an old head. For less, and some faint pitch I'll just use a piece of napkin and masking tape. I use that combo 95% of the time on a straight coated Ambassador. My snares are never completely open unless I'm doing LZ covers, which is never. In the studio I've...
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    The Shelter In-Place Drum Studio Remodel

    Boy, that's a nice set up David.....a far cry from my own studio in the 70's in a 300 year old farmhouse. We used my bass player's mother's old drapes to deaden the drum room...and you know, for the time it worked. Our manager at the time wanted a better sounding tape, which was an 8 track and a...
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    Billy Cobham - OMG!!!

    Even It was about 1973..give or take and I was playing Dartmouth on Frat Row. This was one of the few times I got to see my friends that were in bands because we played constantly. Anwyay my buddy is also playing down the street. He comes over and tells me Billy is in town. Ned had gone to...
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    What Year Did you begin drumming?

    1957 at age 7. My dad was a violinist so he helped me to learn to read and understand notation. I started lessons at age 9 officially.
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    Tours cancelled

    TOP is still playing in NH...just got word today.
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    Controlling the bass drum with no port.

    Joe, I can't say I agree with that. The same thing will happen with a loose batter....the chattering part. I happen to like most of the commercial sounds out there...a snap or crack (when tensioned loosley), with a good amount of punch and some bottom but not too much. I don't go for a boom at...
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    Controlling the bass drum with no port.

    Open bass drum....Toms were once called closed or open,so that should work.
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    Controlling the bass drum with no port.

    If you listen closely these guys, and many others played into the head on a double headed drum... John Bonham, Buddy Rich, Louie Bellson, Mel Lewis, Tony Williams, BJ Wilson, Joe Morello....and there is sometimes a chatter from the beater..especially Tony, and of course the pitch goes up a...
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    Pearl ISS new tom mounts. Opinions please

    I owned one once and when it was clamped to the hoop of a 12" it raised the pitch so this made it a little tough to tune on the floor or a drum stool. RIMS are far superior and consistent.
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    Single flange hoops and tuning

    That is a very common occurrence if you tune loosely and all of a sudden you get massive pitch bend on a big stage or different room, even. YES, tension them up a little, preferably with both heads at roughly the same pitch and the pitch bend will go away. This is why I tension all my drums that...
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    More than likely a feed off the board. Good separation and I thought his execution was very the high toms! I bought an 8" largely due to him and Copeland's sound.
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    PBS - Miles Davis, Birth of the cool

    That is one of my favorite albums for listening pleasure. Great movie about Miles!!! This ain't no lie...Miles tried to pick up my girlfriend when she was waitressing in some place in Portland, Maine. I saw her a few days later and she asked me" if i had heard of him". I couldn't stop laughing...