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    I can't decide on a ride.

    Dream Bliss all the way dude! So versatile! Great for rock, pop, jazz and pretty much anything else you might need it for!
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    recommendations perhaps. big paper thin crashes

    Dream Bliss Paper Thin crashes or anything from the Vintage Bliss line would probably be perfect!
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    What's your preferred cymbal brand?

    Dream Cymbals. Bought a 20" Bliss Ride and fell in love. Haven't bought anything from another cymbal brand for over 2 years.
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    Repaired a couple of my old broken cymbals today!

    There are some great video series YouTube about modifying and repairing cymbals. You could definitely pick up some cheaper B8 pies and make them sound a little better than stock. Check out Lance Campeau and Nicky Moon for some great instructional videos.
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    Agean - another low volume cymbal

    Definitely dig the sound of the Ageans most. I feel like because there is more material as opposed to the Zildjian stuff which appears to have more holes closer together, the Ageans have more of an actual tone instead of being clunky like the Zildjians. I also think that the band of solid...
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    Dream Vintage Bliss Hi-Hats?

    15" Bliss sound beautiful but you could also try the tri-hats or Dark Matter Energy series stuff. I find a lot of the Dream lines mix well together.
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    Dream dark matter 22

    Dream makes some great cymbals. I've heard that they are inconsistent but I have yet to play one that doesnt sound great to my ears. I own 8 Dream cymbals from 3 different line-ups - Bliss, Energy and a Traditional China. I don't own any Dark Matter but I've played on a few and they are...
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    Two Ride Cymbals?

    Yes, mind you, I use one as a second crash because it is pretty thin and has a really nice wash. 20" modified Zildjian Ride to the right of my rack tom, 20" Dream Bliss Ride (used as a crash/ride) just to the right and above my main ride.
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    Who Collects A Single Brand of Cymbal?

    The last few years I've been buying a lot of Dream cymbals. I wouldn't call it a collection but I've got a full set for the music I play and a couple of extras that I've found at great prices. I definitely plan to keep growing my stock of Dream cymbals. They make so many nice cymbals, I'd like...
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    Best 18" crash?

    Dream 18" Energy Crash Dream 18" Bliss Crash Both are great, just depends on the setting.
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    Aging / Darkening Cymbals

    Theres one cymbal patina solution that Spinbal makes. I haven't tried it but based on the video it works pretty good and fast. Note that this one doesn't seem to effect the tone of the cymbal much. A homemade solution is Salt and Ammonia. Lance Campeau has a video on how this works. Make sure...
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    Weirdest cymbal you own... that you love

    Hey, if you've got some cracked cymbals or entry level stuff you never use anymore, give it a go! There's a lot of info online about proper techniques and how different things will effect the sound of a cymbal. I just do it for fun so I don't have any audio or video clips yet. If anything, I...
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    Weirdest cymbal you own... that you love

    I've been working on a 20" Zildjian ZXT Titanium Rock Ride for a little bit. It was heavy and bright and very pingy. I sanded off the titanium coating, did a re-hammer on it and gave it a patina treatment. This seemed to darken the cymbal a lot but it still wasn't as crashable as I wanted it. I...
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    recommend me a china

    18" or 16" Dream Pang may fit nicely and you cant beat the price!
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    Your latest cymbal purchase.....

    I bought an 18" Dream Energy crash a few months ago but have only played it a few times. Totally forgot to post on here but now im looking into building a nice set of Dreams. My goal setup is 15" Bliss hats, 18" Energy Crash, 22" Energy Crash/Ride, 16" Pang china Check out Dream if you havent...