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    Any Tips For Bottom Snare Mic Buzz When Recording?

    The bottom snare channel should be significantly lower in volume than the top channel. That'll reduce the snare buzz, that's how I do it and it works.
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    Redesigned As - what are your favourites?

    15" New Beat 18" Medium Thin Crash 19" Medium Thin Crash 20" Medium Thin Crash 20" Thin Crash 24" Medium Ride
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    Zildjian S Series . . Any insights?

    This video is the reason I bought the 20" S Thin Crash.
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    Zildjian S Series . . Any insights?

    The 20 s thin crash is wonderful.
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    HEY! What about 6.5" STEEL snares? Any users or opinions?

    Sonor Chrome Ferro.
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    Worst kit you've owned

    CB700 drums, Camber cymbals, and the DW edge snare. It's overpriced and only sounded good tuned really high.
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    Bun E. comparing old and new Ludwigs

    Great video!
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    24" Ride Cymbal

    Yes indeed I'm the same guy! Nice to see you here at DFO.
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    24" Ride Cymbal

    Zildjian 24 A Medium Ride redesign. I traded my 24 k light for it a few years ago with a forum member. It hasn't left my cymbal stand since its arrival! I have no desire to replace it, I suggest you get a 24" ride you won't regret it.
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    Rick Beato on recreating AVH's snare sound

    I agree especially the VH 2 overall drum sound.
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    SOLD: 20" Zildjian K Sweet Crash

    Gram weight or sound clip?
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    SOLD 16” K Light Hybrid Hats

    they sound great
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    What other drum forums/websites/boards are you on?

    This is the only forum that I visit.