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    Center Bass Drum Port Like Charlie Watts?

    Center ports quickly become indistinguishable from playing without a resonant head
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    K sweet 21" ride/crash or Sabian ride/crash 21" ?

    I have a 21” K Sweet Ride. It seems more like a big crash to me than a ride, but I’ve heard them on lots of YouTube videos where they’re more ride-ish. I’m also a hard hitter, so I could just be overdoing it. From your description it seems like the K Sweet could be a good all-arounder for you...
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    Your last impulse purchase

    I’ve never heard of these. Please share pics. Is it all aesthetically driven or is there a functional advantage?
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    Neil Peart Drum Sticks

    I figured out the my confusion. The Neil Peart signature 747 is 16.25" in length and .551" diameter. The 747B is the same length but .590 diameter. So there's a distinction between 747 and 747B.
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    Your last impulse purchase

    6.5" Makha. They only had the 6.5" in makha, but they had the 5" in both oak and makha. I frankly couldn't discern much of a difference between the two woods in the shallower size, but I wanted the deeper option and find the darker grain more attractive, so it was an easy choice.
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    Neil Peart Drum Sticks

    Isn’t the NP 747 slightly thinner than the regular 747, but the same length?
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    Your last impulse purchase

    I snagged a Pearl Stavecraft last week for a steal and I’m really enjoying it. I haven’t experimented with many tunings yet (it’s cranked pretty high right now). I suspect it will have limited range, but man does it do loud-but-full very well.
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    Tama Artstars - Cordia Wood Restoration???

    You know where to find me if you ever need to split this into two kits
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    Tama Artstars - Cordia Wood Restoration???

    No advice, only jealousy. Good luck though!
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    Anyone owns a vintage Pearl kit?

    Here's my late 60's Pearl phenolic kit at a session a few years ago. I love these drums. Great tone, project like crazy. These were rehabbed and rewrapped by the folks at Revival Drums. Very cool set.
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    Yamaha Recording Custom 6-ply USA birch versus Stage Custom Asian 6-ply birch

    I'd bet that people couldn't tell them apart in a blind test if you gave the SC's the classic roundover bearing edges from the RCs. SC is probably the best bang-for-buck kit ever.
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    What's Your Latest Drum Purchase?

    Snagged a Pearl Stavecraft 6.5x14 Makha snare and a 12" Sabian Chopper. Wooo boy! The Stavecraft would rank very low in the "neighbors' favorite snare" poll. It blew my hair back in the store. Can't wait to play it at rehearsal this week.
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    Cast vs thick rolled snares

    What stands do you all like for heavy drums? I'm using a DW 9300 at the moment, but I've never cared for the positioning rod. The Tama Star looks promising, but I've never laid hands on one.
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    The Ultimate American Made Drumset Comparison by Drum Center Portsmouth

    I hated that digital sparkle finish when I first saw pics, but I’ve seen it in person now and it looks great. I did a complete 180. Sound wise, these all sound the same to me, but I loved those DW and Gretsch snares, even though I tend to prefer metal.