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    Any Washboard players here ?

    That saw sounds awesome.
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    Venues going under

    These curfews can't be helping.
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    Flat Bearing Edges?

    I'm concerned that a flat bearing edge causes the drum head to bend at a 90 degree angle at the perimeter. I think that angle is too sharp and stresses the head at the perimeter.
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    Any Washboard players here ?

    I have a washboard but I can't connect with it. It doesn't seem right for the my gigs and jams. But I still work with it.
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    You've got a week to get back into shape

    I'd play along with backing tracks of the 8 original songs. Many times.
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    Stan Lynch - Facebook Live Chat - Saturday, May 30th - 2pm ET

    Great interview. Thank You to Stan and Johnny D.
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    Hammered Snares

    My snare got hammered and spent the night with a tambourine on top of it.
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    Have you ever just felt like....

    Stop watching TV news.
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    Played a gig Friday but it got shut down by police after 1 hour. Three more gigs coming up this week.
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    What is it with lads?

    As a drummer nobody really listens to me anyway. As long as I play a beat that fits the song then I'm OK. I know what you mean. Some musicians are controllers. I don't really mind that as long as they are managing the band, getting us gigs and business.
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    My Petty band was all set to play a neighborhood street party Monday...

    The police stopped our party after the first set. There were about 25 people in the bar. Nobody got ticketed though.
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    What’s your favorite part of a drum set?

    I like the hi hat. I use the hi hat more than anything else on the kit.
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    Drumming Grandma Wows Britain's Got Talent Judges

    She looks like my neighbor.
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    Drum key stuck on tension screw.

    Heat it up.
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    Two Boxes of Wine Lands Miami Sound Machine Drummer in Jail

    That's a sad story. They may be having some kind of boyfriend girlfriend relationship.