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    House Band

    It's not like that anymore, the gigs are gone. Some places we have one or two gigs a week, leave some of our stuff there overnight. But mostly I'm seeing one time gigs. Lots of them are parties.
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    Metronome only

    Lots of times I use one of the free online metronomes. Try this one:
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    Trying to understand sounds as cars go by...

    That's how some computer generated drum tracks are now. I don't think they can be played in real time by a human drummer. I like some of it though.
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    My first cover! - 2weeks of drum progress

    That's pretty good!
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    Purdie, Texas, not Bernard

    Beautiful drums. I think they match your house also.
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    Recording software This video describes recording four tracks simultaneously using Reaper.
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    Beatles Drummer Regrets Stint with the Moptops

    Looks like the gigs went well. It isn't always possible to replace a drummer without having problems.
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    Are all hi hat pull rods the same size? How do I replace a broken one?

    You could take the broken rod and the rest of the hi hat stand to a music store and see if they have a replacement part that fits. But if you have some money then consider buying another hi hat stand. Some used hi hat stands sell for about USA $ 10 to $ 20...
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    Gerry Marsden of Gerry and the Pacemakers has passed on

    Sad news. One of my favorite 60's bands.
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    Help beginner with first drum kit

    That Pearl Export kit looks great to me. Ask if they will give you a discounted price if you buy hi hats, and a hardware kit (hi hat stand, 2 cymbal stands, bass drum pedal and snare drum stand) all together. Also ask about a practice pad. You are going to spend some money but it is a good kit...
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    What Would You Have Missed Out On If You Never Took Up The Drums?

    I would have had more floor space in my living room.
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    The Genius of Ringo

    Excuse me, I have to go drum along with some Beatles recordings now.
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    Hi, I'm new here

    Hello and Thank You for joining the forum.
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    "Turn Me Loose" Loverboy

    That cover band has a B52's vibe. I like them.
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    Why does this gadget exist?

    I haven't seen it but I like it. Could be useful in some situations.