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    Beginner Audio Interface and DAW suggestions

    Audacity is the easiest to understand and it is likely compatible with your Behringer interface. But you will need an interface with at least four channels to record 4 mics on drums. Reaper might be a good choice of DAW when you get a bigger interface. Get an interface with USB connection to the...
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    Jamwerks Open Beta: High Fidelity, Low Latency, Collaborative Music

    Games send instructions, but musicians may send real time audio signals at high fidelity. If we all played midi instruments then latency would not be a problem, because midi is instructions, not actually audio.
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    Live music volume and mixing: my rant...

    I always carry earplugs. I prefer it when people can still talk in the back of the venue, but some people might like it loud. Something for everybody.
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    What would you do?

    You need a secret double life.
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    How low (volume) can you go?

    I drop the snares and use my hands instead of sticks for really low volume songs.
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    Playing along to records

    After awhile you get better.
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    What would you do?

    What would I do? Hehehe. I'd get rid of the wife.
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    "You left something in your cart"

    Do they offer you discounts if you just let the item sit there in your cart?
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    mounted tambourine thing

    I came across this one
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    strategies for getting craigslist sellers to reply?

    Maybe the seller changed his / her mind. Maybe they are nuts. Maybe it's a scam.
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    Hi Hat Cymbal Sizes...What's your preferred hi hats size ?

    14's, but a friend showed me his 12" hi hats and I liked them.
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    Competition in my neighborhood!

    I wish I had more neighbors that played music.
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    Hi Hat Cymbals

    I remember paying about USA $ 140 for a used pair of New Beat hi hats a couple years ago.
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    Proper way to play bass

    Washboard solo at 4 minutes.
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    Sorry it does not work

    Well I don't work either so I totally sympathise.