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    Back Pain??

    You have to sit up straight when playing drums. When back pain starts, stop playing. Wait a few hours then practice again. Drumming strengthens your back but it is a gradual process.
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    I'm happy with this Pearl that I'm using.
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    hi all. Im newbie.

    Hello and Welcome to the forum.
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    Anybody Play Super Cheap Drums?

    That was a good deal. You make those drums sound nice.
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    Looking For a Portable Kit

    Do you have room in your car? Bigger kits take up about the same space on stage as smaller kits. It's in the car where smaller drum sizes are more portable. I have the SPL bop kit, I like it. It seems sturdy.
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    Impaired Judgement? Drummer Busted With 630 Pounds of Contraband

    I thought in Oregon if you enter the state they ask you if you have any pot and if you say "no" then they give you a couple pounds and some mushrooms.
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    Joke Thread

    It a few days before Halloween. I'm at Joe's bar. Joe's bar has Halloween decorations all over the place, including some skulls on the tables. So I pick up a skull, walk over to a microphone and do an ventriloquist act that I call "The Dead Comedian" The skull says "Hey I'm meeting girls here...
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    Why Does My Snare Sound Like This?

    Sounds like you left your car keys inside the drum. How did you do that?
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    Another Approach to Band Pay

    The bands that I'm in generally do not make much money from tips.
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    Anybody Play Super Cheap Drums?

    I know a drummer that gigs with a used drum kit that he bought at a flea market for USA $ 100. It sounds OK. He plays with a classic country band.
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    Guitar amp for my rehearsal room ... ??

    75 watts is freaking loud. Even 25 watts is freaking loud. It takes about 10 watts to compete with acoustic drums.
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    Guitar amp for my rehearsal room ... ??

    My guitar-playing friend has a Peavey Bandit and he sounds great with it.
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    Billie Eilish

    I heard songs on the car radio that I thought were Lorde, maybe some Lorde singles released occasionally. After about a year and a half I looked for the songs on internet and discovered that they were actually Billie Eilish. My guess is that Lorde had a popular sound but she stopped. That left...
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    Hybrid Acoustic setup for tonights gig

    Wow your band sounds so cool. I wish that I was there. Drums sound great. Fou Bar, Quebec. Is there really such a place? LOL.
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    Are You a Bad Drummer? Nashville Bass Player Exposes Tell Tale Signs

    When I record, the last thing I do is go to a studio. We don't go to a studio until we made simple recordings on a home recorder and they sound decent. The bugs have to be worked out.