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    Opinions on the new Ludwig Speed King?

    That's a beauty pedal! I've a SK from the early eighties that I would like re-worked. Does anyone have the contact info for the guy that was doing this a few years back?
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    Wow...Steve Maxwell selling customers 20 year collection part 1

    Imo, I think it is the same for collectors of many things. First requirement is you have an appreciation for the object. Second, you have the finances to buy what makes you happy. For all we know the guy might be a killer player who has an eye for beauty. This collection is one of a kind I...
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    Wow...Steve Maxwell selling customers 20 year collection part 1

    Same with golf, except I have no awards or trophies and sold my clubs. My followers all applauded that move tho!
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    Which Famous Musician Would You Bring Back To Life?

    The bane of young Berklee drummers: Brother Ray Charles!
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    Handles, Avatars, & Signatures

    When I joined the forum I was beginning my journey restoring drums. The kit I restored was missing the Ludwig keystone badges. So I went round and round on this until I finally settled on look a likes for the kit. Seems like it took months to settle this burning question. So the choice was easy...
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    Handles, Avatars, & Signatures

    All this time I thought your handle was a riff on the Van Morrison song.......I have to seriously get a life!
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    Sold:Rogers 6.5x14 COS SuperTen

    What a great drum! I have one and it is my go to. Somebody buy this now!
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    OT: Cassette Player Recommendations?

    So, I just had my old Sony Cassette player redone. Might last,might not. My tech told me that the older Nakamichi and Teac decks are still good and can be repaired. They are expensive though This one here is of good quality. Yamaha only recently quite making them. YMMV...
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    Did you ever ruin a perfectly good kit?

    Not a set. But every time I took apart a Ludwig Super Sensitive, for what ever reason, I regretted it. I could never get them back together right. I sold the 66 SS to a guy in Australia and my 76 SS to someone in Ohio.
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    Vintage Rogers accessories

    Sold my 1966 Cleveland's recently. :( The buyer had no use for these: All came with the kit and are very good condition especially considering the age. Swan Leg high hat - $75 Buyer to pay shipping SOLD! Rogers Pedal - $75 Buyer to pay shipping (missing one set screw on peddle length...
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    OT: Bourbon drinkers? Favorite Bourbon...

    Dude, I have to say. If you have a Bass Player, named Evangeline, who drinks Buffalo Trace, I would go buy a lottery ticket immediately. Either that, or check to make sure you are still on this earth. Green with envy over here!
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    OT: Bourbon drinkers? Favorite Bourbon...

    I've tried hard to like Blanton's but I don't. Never had Heaven's Door and Woodford's Reserve is always a treat to me.
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    OT: Bourbon drinkers? Favorite Bourbon...

    Makers Mark is a go to for me. I especially like their "41". A few years ago I was given a bottle of their "Cask Strength" and have not tapped into it yet. Four Roses single barrel is an absolute delight. Lately I've been drinking bourbon neat, but with a splash of water. Bourbon and Branch if...
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    Ludwig Baseball bat muffler

    According to the serial number it is either late 66 or early 67! P83 that's the one I grabbed! thanks!