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    How Do You Store Your Cymbals?

    Cymbal bags. I'm down to four. One bag holds regular gigging cymbals, the other bags each hold one brand of extras. Stretch
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    Anyone remember Night Music with David Sanborn?

    GREAT SHOW! I loved the mixture of the bands that appeared on the same show. As they say.........ECLECTIC. It was also a way to get me to see artists I had heard of but never saw either in person or on film. My #1 performance was Maria McKee singing an acoustic version of "Breathe". Made me...
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    Nerves worse when you know people in the audience?

    After playing for 35 years I generally don't get nervous when there are people in the crowd I know. Including those way better than me. The one time I was REALLY nervous was when a drum teacher I recommend to all my customers showed up to watch me. Stretch
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    Favorite Wooden Snare You Have Ever Played or Heard

    My Craviotto snare drums. I have four. 6.5" Maple, 6.5" Birdseye Maple, 6.5" Euro Beech and 5.5" Mahogany. All 14" in diameter. If I had to narrow it down I'd say: #1 5.5 Mahogany [with my name on the inside!] #2 6.5 Euro Beech or Birdseye Maple Stretch
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    Collecting Signature Drumsticks

    I have a large collection of mostly used drum sticks, most are signed by the drummer after the show. Sometimes it was a random stick found behind the riser so it did't get signed. And sometimes I knew who the drummer was but didn't get a signature directly. I would attach a note with their name...
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    Buyers/Sellers Feedback

    Although I didn't get a chance to post the item here, I sold a double bass drum pedal to Slippy. One I bought off of DFO. Great transaction, smooth, no problems, great communication. Everyone's happy! Stretch
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    several species of small furry animals gathered together in a cave and grooving with a pict PINK FLOYD

    yeah, but what's the time signature on this song???
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    Anybody Play Super Cheap Drums?

    Not everyone has the money for a nicer name brand beginner kit. Sometimes you have to get an off brand and fix it up to make it playable. But it's one reason that drummers shouldn't completely downtalk cheap kits.
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    Trippy Video of the day! Tubular Bells live

    Mike started out playing on Sally Oldfield's albums. And in the early days with Kevin Ayers.
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    Trippy Video of the day! Tubular Bells live

    I've only been a Mike Oldfield fan since 1973. Damn, 46 years?!! I finally got the Tubular Bell tattoo this year. Stretch
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    Old school Yamaha was on another level!

    Just wanted to add how great old Yamaha drums are. I scored a 1987 Recording Custom in 8x12, 9x13, 16x16 and 14x22 (with a newer steel 6.5x14 snare). Stupidly cheap. Standard cherry lacquer finish. It's got a really nice sound. Stretch
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    The 50 Most Important Drummers of All Time -- Drum Magazine

    Didn't Ringo Starr, who's on the list, play for some band called the Beatles? Yet it's Purdie who gets Beatles mention...?
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    Is there hope for this head?

    While not as thorough as what you did, I've had a lot of success cleaning any brand coated head with Simple Green. Spray it on, wipe it off while scrubbing a little. Does a pretty decent fast job. Stretch
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    Gretsch Black Hawk kit/Price check please

    Time for me to get crucified. I used to own a Gretsch Blackhawk kit. With new heads and my tuning skills it sounded pretty darn good. But yeah, sell it for $100 to $150 tops if it includes extras. Stretch