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    Diamond by Craviotto ~ New for 2021 Product Video with Sam Bacco

    Bbunks, consider yourself lucky that you only waited 6 months. Remember, we're talking 7 years ago, when Johnny was still alive. The store I work at was the Craviotto dealer that was closest to the original factory. We were only about 20 miles away down the road. One of the main employees used...
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    LUDWIG 3.5x13 Junior Orchestra; NOB; ~1922/ PRICE REDUCED!

    BUMP with decent PRICE REDUCTION.
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    Anyone got/getting to gigs with a truck?

    When I started drumming I owned a Toyota Camry car [a hatchback]. Even though I could get all my drums in it I had to give up the front passenger seat to the bass I could never drive a passenger. So I bought a truck because I WAS a drummer. !995 Toyota Takoma pickup. 2-door with a...
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    Check out this surf drummer of the 60s

    Can you imagine if "The Crusher" had become a big hit [like Pipeline or Wipe Out]? We'd all have to learn it and play it to death!
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    SOLD!==TAMA 14x10 S.L.P. Duo Snare Drum; Snare or Floor Tom; Black

    Sorry folks, it sold in less than one day on ...... Reverb.
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    SOLD!==TAMA 14x10 S.L.P. Duo Snare Drum; Snare or Floor Tom; Black

    I'm selling a Tama 14x10 snare/floor tom. All details are here in the Reverb ad. Asking $185 here on DFO plus shipping continental US/lower 48 which should be about $60. Stretch
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    Phil Spector 1939 - Jan 17 2021 R.I.P.

    One source says he died of natural causes while in jail. Too bad his legendary musical history is tainted by his actions to others in real life.
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    Scale for Weighing my Cymbals?

    I recommend spending a little more and buying a postal scale. I bought mine several years ago and it's paid for itself. Mine goes to 75 pounds (34 kg) and it's great for shipping packages I sell on Reverb or DFO. It also will go down to a gram, so it's useful for very light things. Mine is an...
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    I landed myself a beautiful '60s Slingy 5 piece...

    AND there is your single Set-O-Matic bass drum tom mount that we discussed earlier. Use that with one rack tom. Stretch
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    Buyers/Sellers Feedback

    I just completed a sale that went smooth and flawless. Most excellent snare drum that matches my drum kit! And a heck of a great deal. I want to thank drummertom for a perfect transaction. THANK YOU DRUMMERTOM!!!!!!!!! Stretch
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    I landed myself a beautiful '60s Slingy 5 piece...

    But at $120 for a repro, if money is a concern, you should be able to find a used one online for less. Ebay, Reverb, Facebook or Slingerland discussion group should all give you places to look for a better deal. Stretch
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    How tall is your snare and floor tom?

    I will tell you numbers. And for reference I'm 6'5" with l-o-n-g arms and l-o-n-g legs. Throne top is 24" from the ground. Top of snare, and top of floor tom(s), is 24" off the ground. I can play my kit with my eyes shut because I've memorized where the heads are. Yeah, I slouch a bit and lean...
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    SOLD==TRICK 12x8 Standard Tom; ~2016; Grey Anodized Aluminum

    Sold this on Reverb...