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    Yeah, I haven't told anyone at Ludwig. Mum's the word?? On the other hand...if Rogers can make a wood Dynasonic, then "somebody" can make a wood Supra... Stretch
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    Ok, it could be a real long story but I'll make it briefer... My buddy Larry Archer just retired, and for a few years now has been working with a few of us here in Santa Cruz, California by working on our drums [refinishes, rebuilds, repairs, etc.]. He has woodworking skills from when he was...
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    What's The Story Behind The Profile Icon/Pic You Uploaded?

    EDIT: So it took me all of 60 seconds to figure out how to change the picture, and when I did it actually replaced my face picture in the post above!!! So here's a picture of my new custom-made-one-of-a-kind-the-only-one-in-the-world 5.5x14 Stave SUPRAPHONIC snare drum. I'll have to start a new...
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    What's The Story Behind The Profile Icon/Pic You Uploaded?

    Some years ago when I was at my storage unit, looking at my phone and reading DFO messages. I realized I hadn't posted a picture yet, so instead of something cool like ANYTHING drum related I put my face up there. Possibly 5-10 years ago. Time to change it?!! So how do I do that? Stretch
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    Do you Have Music Related/Inspired Tattoos?

    And my last two tattoos that were inspired by an experience that began when I was playing live at a gig and suffered a cardiac arrest and died on top of the drum kit. Stretch
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    Do you Have Music Related/Inspired Tattoos?

    Music related tattoos? In 1979 I got my first one, then another one in 1987. Then nothing new. Flash forward to 2018-2019. I redid one old one, kept the other one. Then I got 9 new ones. Every one is music related! Here are pictures of some of them. Stretch
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    Trick Pro 1-V or DW Control beater?

    I know I'm late to this conversation and question, but I'll respond anyway. I have the Trick Pro1-V pedal with factory beater. It's the only beater I regularly use. Very light, and very adjustable as far as where you want it to hit on the head. I love mine. Hope your DW works out for you. Stretch
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    The return of Mod Orange!

    One thing we're all learning [and realizing] is that Mod Orange wrap has so many variations from original to all the reissues, and yet they are essentially all different enough to be unique. The Walopus does have purple in it, but I agree there isn't much. Where I work we have the current...
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    The return of Mod Orange!

    My favorite reissue Mod Orange wrap is from Walopus. Personally I think it's the closest to the original so far. although I don't know the source of where they get it from. Stretch
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    eBay/Craigslist cymbal alerts - the official thread

    Normally, many cymbals are sold for 40% off MSRP/List price. This cymbal would then be $209.40. So $195 is a good deal, although discounted just a little more than it should be. Now, having said that, it's common to NOT get 40% off MSRP from many companies including Zildjian. Sometimes more like...
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    Holy Moly, My Drum Set Is Too Wide!

    35 years ago I played 2 up plus 1 floor tom. Now I play 1 up plus 2 floor toms. Gets my ride cymbal closer, and I'm maybe only two inches wider than with 1 floor tom. Stretch
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    This popped up today in my email. Looks like a change to how and when we receive our money on Hi Reverber, Thanks for choosing to sell on Reverb. We want you to have the best selling experience possible so we’re constantly evaluating...
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    Yamaha Recording Custom vs Stage Custom Birch?

    Disclaimer: I didn't read all of the other posts first. I have a 1987 Recording Custom. When I decided I wanted to add a few drums to it, I started looking at used prices for a 14x14 floor and a 15x18 bass drum. The prices were rather high. I'm cheap, so I decided to try adding brand new Stage...