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    Florida Drummers Thread

    I had never been to Florida until I got a job as a corporate pilot. I ended up flying all over the state (and many others) and always loved my time there, especially leaving a blizzard in Toronto and ending up at the beach 3 hours later. The only crappy trip was in August lol. I could never...
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    I finally broke down and took charge...

    I was just about to say the same - low budget way to track your gear if it ever gets lifted.
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    You can only have one choice. Right now, which is your favorite kit you own?

    I've never had the privilege to play USAs but based on people saying exactly that I bought my Renowns. I guess I have to say it's my favorite kit too! :)
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    You can only have one choice. Right now, which is your favorite kit you own?

    Please start a new thread and post photos when you get your Ayottes back! Total dream kit for me - I played one of those when I was in music school in Vancouver many years ago.
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    Hughie Flint on the Beano record, a little help?

    I'm just starting a blues project and the guys are doing a lot of Beano songs. Pretty cool to see a family connection on this, the best forum on the internet!
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    Amazon deals thread

    Everyone should start writing their initials on this cymbal with a sharpie to keep track of how many times it's gone out and come back!
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    OT- Moving

    I will add another plus for the hard cases. I have Gretsch Renowns - not the fanciest set but I love them. When we moved from Toronto area to British Columbia I bought a used set of hard cases and packed towels around each drum - worked great - no damage at all and the cases are always available...
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    Drums that made it home.... Meeting another member

    Well that's a spot of alright then!
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    serious inquiries only ?

    That's the "my wife told me to sell it" price
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    Terrible Bands You Still Like, Supertramp Edition

    Up here in the Great White Snow we have Canadian Contect laws which mean 1 in 4 songs on the radio have to be from Canadian "artists" which makes this band even more grating...
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    My last purchase at Professional Drum Shop in Hollywood...

    Very cool - some serious mojo in that thing!
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    Doc Sweeney SOLID Bubinga and hoop 3.5”x14” snare drum $525

    Cool snare! Any video of it being played?
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    Krupa: Rockstar!

    Yes Buddy definitely ripped off a lot from Bonham! :)