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    Is this the best kit for gigs?

    Ha! You guys are too prideful. No one is paying attention to the kit at all--except us! As long as there is a beat, no lay person would care. Anyway, for what it is, the pearl kit sounds pretty darn good...and my back is too old to haul out heavy gear any more. :tongue5: One trip to the car and...
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    Is this the best kit for gigs?

    "just take the heads off and put all the drums inside each other " Doesn't this defeat the "grab and go" aspect of it though?
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    Is this the best kit for gigs?

    This girl has some cool hacks for the pear compact traveler kit:
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    Gigs? Not.

    Ha! I needed that laugh. All mine are cancelled. Some paid up front and I had to return their money. Well, didn't have to, but, I'm a nice guy! :) Still, OUCH!
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    Is this the best kit for gigs?

    Just picked one of these up and LOVE IT! So much that I'm selling my Manu Katche jr. kit (my old gigging kit). Tried using an x-hat with it, but I don't think I can live without a real hi hat stand.
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    Zildjian K 13” Hats Updated with Weights - Price Drop

    LOLOLOLOLOL GeeDeeEmm. Definitely have had that conversation with myself. My wife is too supportive ;)
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    13" Sabian Groove Hats

    I gotta say these are my 2nd favorite pair of hats. Sound amazing, especially for 13's.
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    Unwarping a cymbal ?

    Indeed. Could headline the next Warped Tour.
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    Paiste 2002 24" ride WTB

    Heard one the other day and loved the sound. Just too pricey new. Anyone have a used one they'd like to let go?
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    What kind of Paiste is this?

    Sorry, forgot to change my location. I am in Phoenix now.
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    Another set of Sabians

    Love you playing and "touch.’
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    What kind of Paiste is this?

    Thank you :hello1:
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    What kind of Paiste is this?

    I'm looking for a power ride and saw this one, but the only printing is the blue Paiste. Can anyone tell from the hammering? 2000? Power or Heavy?
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    22" 2oo2 sizzle Ride

    Nice! Do you have any sound files?
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    Sabian AAX Studio Hats info

    Gotta say, the sound great. Though, not quite as nice as the 15s at GC. Can’t wait to mix n match them.