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    Stone Temple Pilots Drummer's New Set is Cardboard. Sounds Better Than Bubinga?

    woopee doo ! when i was a kid i played cardboard boxes before i got my first kit. and i used real drum sticks. and that was around 1969.
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    Vintage Tama confusion Help please!

    yep ! and i wish tama had not called them superstars.
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    Vintage Tama confusion Help please!

    i have been playing 1980's tama superstars since about 1986. i have about 75 of the drums. all birch 6 ply shells. all the 80's tama superstars are all birch. no other wood was used. the finishes are called > mahogany,super maple, etc and refer to the color only. some colors were only offered a...
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    Road trip to pick up...why drums! Imagine that.

    in june i'm going from los angeles to indiana to pick up a 1970's Hiwatt 400 head. then to New York to pick up an early 70's Ampeg SVT with flatback cabinet, then a few miles away in new york to pick up an ampeg flatback speaker cabinet, then to the lighthouse in maine, then to north carolina to...
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    At my wit's end with Guitar Center

    several years ago the same thing happened to me with a GC online phone order. lucky for me the item i wanted comes up for sale often. it seems that both orders were rung up at the same time. back when landline fones were all there were many times i would pick up the fone to dail a girl friend or...
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    500 mil snare side heads

    500 mil ? thats thick as a brick Jethro ! a remo ambassador batter is only 10 mil thick.
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    Contemporary drum solos have changed... but I can't put my thumb on it

    reminds me of a Buddy Rich / Ian Paice type solo
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    Neil Peart Drum Clinic 1992

    I bet he can talk your ear off ! lol ! Nice videos ! Thanks for posting
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    Drummers who took a break

    Lee Kerslake and will probably never return
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    24” bass drum

    my 22" with 12x15 and 12x16 toms are 2" higher than a 24" with 8x12. I sit low and there are no issues.
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    Los Angeles scene?

    Also you better be good , really good with good gear and your own drumming style. If you sound like every other drummer you probably wont go far. You need to be able to be humble and easy to get along with. I have been here in los angeles since 1987. A musician/song writer friend lived in new...
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    Los Angeles scene?

    there is way too much to list. Like I told a bass player friend you just have to come out for at least a month so you can check out a few places. This is the music capital.
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    Mike Portnoy Drum Kit Tour

    I have been using remo clear black dots on all my batters since about 1971. great sounding batter head. my kit
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    Drum key and cancer and reproductive harm warning?

    its the voters fault