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    Evans Black Chrome

    I'm suggesting using them as batters and not resos.
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    Evans Black Chrome

    It's basically the Evans answer to Hydraulics and Pinstripes. I won't malign them as batters but wouldn't be my choice of reso. Unless you were trying to kill it.
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    Gold plating is so thin, sometimes just a few atoms thick, that the cost is mostly labor and the bath. Notice I said cost, not price.
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    Has anyone bought any B-stock drums and is it worth it?

    Some places list stuff as B-stock as a way around MAP. (minimum advertised price)
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    "Holds It's Tuning Well"

    I think it's like Realtor Speak. "Cute/Quaint" mean one thing in the dictionary, but in Realtorspeak it means "if it was any smaller it would be a tiny house." This just means "I'm trying to sell it and running out of things to say"
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    This wins the internet today

    To be fair - I don't think AC/DC takes their lyrics all that seriously either. But hey - it sells.
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    When should I change my bass batter head?

    I change them according to what web site I'm reading at the time. Man that period sucked. Now I just live with it because 26" heads ain't cheap.
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    Did Nacci write a comic book??

    Even if there is no afterlife (whether or not you believe is irrelevant) - it still sucks because YOU stop. The other guy may think and be otherwise indistinguishable from you, but you no longer experience what he experiences.
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    Did Nacci write a comic book??

    For decades science fiction writers have been promising us teleportation. A few years ago some scientists were hooping and hollering that that actually teleported a single photon. But when I read the article, it seems they destroyed the photon and created an exact duplicate in another location...
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    Field Drums

    The room reverb swamps this one - and I can't really tell if that's dominating my perception of the drum sound, but it seems to have a lot of body for how tight the response seems to be. I ran across one I can't find now that just rang for days. Made someone proud I'm sure but I found it...
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    Synth Enthusiast or Not: It's Fascinating

    Had a JX8 when I was a kid. Actually have a D50 someone I worked with gave me if I could fix. I fixed the internal battery but still have some stuck keys. Mostly it's been a long tale of disappointment. I'm a rocker. I'm intrigued by physical modelling though.
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    What drums are you not fond of? A silly thread!!!

    Drums I can afford.
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    Field Drums

    Something I just love about these things. It's not that far off my "ideal" snare sound. I'm always at odds with getting enough snare without the note, but still have some decay on the snare, and an overall low pitch. (And I really don't get into the modern marching snare sound at all.) I...
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    OT: Small body acoustic guitars

    I did have a Guild OM-240CE for a while, that I got in part to have another guitar in a different voice. But I didn't really bond with it, and just felt it was lacking in body.
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    OT: Small body acoustic guitars

    You can probably guess where I stand on this issue. Same place as my drums